Batman New 52 Detective Comics #1 T-Shirt

Batman New 52 Detective Comics #1 T-Shirt
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Made from 100% Cotton this black t-shirt features the first issue cover image to the NEW Detective Comics series rendered by artist Tony Daniel! Yep DC went ahead and "relaunched" their entire comic book line releasing 52 new DC titles which...sort of explains the whole "New 52" catchphrase. And yes Detective Comics is one of 52. So...yeah things are kind of the same but the differences are notable; the new DC Universe is a little more....unsafe. Heroes once revered or at the very least tolerated are no longer individuals granted the collective trust of the less-than-super-powered masses; translation: the meek. In regards to Batman this new landscape...fits. He trips over a few more skulls on the way to a body. Interesting stuff.