Batman Figure of the Dark Trunk T-Shirt

Batman Figure of the Dark Trunk T-Shirt
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"And thus is born this weird figure of the dark...this avenger of evil. The Batman!" When I first read this freakin' awesome 100% cotton Batman Figure of the Dark Trunk T-Shirt I thought Batman switched sides! He finally had enough of the Joker the Penguin Scarecrow and Mr. Freeze. If you can't beat em join em right? He is now the Avenger of Evil! Freeing criminals from their bonds taking candy for children and soccer style punting puppies across the room! Yes evil shall be avenged. Wait....I think I'm reading this the wrong way. OH! He avenges evil that is committed against the innocent. Now I get it! Anyways this t-shirt comes from limited producer Trunk meaning that this t-shirt is crazy soft of high quality and only made for so long! Get this shirt and avenge evil however you chose to interpret!