Batman Dark Knight Returns Black & White T-Shirt

Batman Dark Knight Returns Black & White T-Shirt
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    "I want you to remember the one man who beat you."...said an aged Batman as he held a beaten bloodied Superman in his mechanicalBat-gauntlet.Yep Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns-- released in 1986 -- changed the comic book landscape.This groundbreaking 4-issue miniseries pushedthe medium forward with anolder battle-worn Batmanforced out of retirement to deal with a crime-ridden Gotham and a blindly patriotic Superman.To celebrate the series' 10th anniversary DC Comics released The Dark Knight Returns 10th Anniversary Limited (Signed) Hardcover Edition in 1996.What adorned the cover? That would be the imageadorning ourBatman Dark Knight Returns Black & White T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton this black t-shirt features the black and white rendering of a determined Dark Knight from the neck up rendered by series writer and artist Frank Miller.If you want to celebrate the book celebrating the miniseries that skewered comic book paradigms with finger-length Batarangsthis is the Dark Knig