Batgirl Womens Women's Costume Hoodie

Batgirl Womens Women's Costume Hoodie
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    Our Batgirl Women's Costume Hoodie mimics the costume of the Dominoed Daredoll Batgirl on a soft 55% cotton/45% polyester hoodie featuring a pair of grey "ears" atop its drawstring hood (or cowl if you prefer - we do)! Battling Barbara Gordon's signature Bat symbol is printed in bold yellow on the zip-up front and her makeup and utility belt is printed all 'round the the front and back of the waist. Relax! We know Batgirl doesn't actually keep makeup in that belt only items that will be useful in her mission to clean up Gotham. Like tissues. To wipe up Robin's tears after she rescues him. Barbara is like that - she'd never send one of Batman's sidekicks back to him all disheveled and tear-streaked. We hope you'll be just as considerate to all the broken hearts you leave in your wake while wearing this Batgirl Women's Costume Hoodie!