Batgirl Women's V-Neck Caped Costume T-Shirt

Batgirl Women's V-Neck Caped Costume T-Shirt
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    This black Women's v-neck costume t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and features a nice big sparkly gold bat symbol across the chest. There's also a startlingly non-utilitarian utility belt that looks cool anyway in a bold yellow print across the waist in front. But wait THERE'S MORE! Attached to the back of the shirt by two trusty velcro tabs is a purple cloth cape bearing a less shiny but more classic black-and-yellow bat symbol.Pull this shirt on and pretend to be the Batgirl of your choice - a certain Commissioner's lovely daughter poor all-but forgotten Stephanie Brown or Cassand-...never mind best stick to the first two choices. That last one could get a little tricky.