Bacon Swoosh

Bacon Swoosh
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"Bacon University has a proud tradition of learning. On a crisp morning, you'll find all our students eager for Bacon. We have a world-renowned philosophy and pork studies program, but we don't always take ourselves so seriously -- we have been known to toss around the pigskin once in a while. We pride ourselves on our work in the community, curing. And we even have opportunities for the small fry. Remember our university motto: Bacon. Here for you. (Until you run out. And then, get more!) Bacon University's logo (okay, fine. it's just the word ""bacon"" in cursive) with a strip of bacon as the swoosh underline in all the colors of bacon on a black, 100% cotton t-shirt. Our screenprinter told us it made them hungry printing it, so it must be good.".