Arrow Vigilante Women's T-Shirt

Arrow Vigilante Women's T-Shirt
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    Who's a vigilante? You are.Yes YOU! You joined up with Star City's Green Arrow to end the rampant political/corporate corruption and violently mitigate an ever-increasing population of costumed super-criminals.And yes the Green Arrow is a hard hard taskmaster but he has to be -- oneminor oversightone clumsy backflip and Talia al Ghul'sscimitar takesup residence in your gallbladder. Permanently.So you're a well-trained regularly screamed at vigilante who earned yourbow and a modicum of the Green Arrow's respect. Here -- take yourArrow Vigilante Women's T-Shirt. You earned it.Made from 100% cotton this black Arrow t-shirt for women features a striking green-colored illustration of the Green Arrow himself Oliver Queen leaping from a window and aiming for Malcolm Merlin's heart.Above said leaping and aiming the word "VIGILANTE" underlined by a very long arrow. Because he's a vigilante who uses arrows and so are you.