Arrow Oliver Queen Armed Women's T-Shirt

Arrow Oliver Queen Armed Women's T-Shirt
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    Say hello to the Green Arrow and his band of merry men.....who are simplytwo additional illustrations of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow but to really milk that Robin Hood connection Iembracedthe "merry men" bit.And it's hard to ignore the connection considering Green Arrow is directly influencedby Errol Flynn's interpretation of the high-flying arrow-slinging hero who stole from the rich and gave to the poor.However Green Arrow's story differs slightly -- when he steals from the rich he uses boxing glove arrows. When he gives to the poor he hasWonder Woman drop palatesof food from the invisible jet.Made from 100% cottonour heather-grayArrow Oliver Queen Armed Women's T-Shirt features a trio of Green Arrows emerging from an arrow-shaped door leading to...yes a forest.And it's a stunning illustration featuring Oliver in his television series uniform -- right theCW Arrow series."Youhave failed this city" and all that.Heather-gray?This is a sharp Green Arrow t-shift for women with a blended flec