Arrested Development Bluth's Frozen Banana Hooded Sweatshirt

Arrested Development Bluth's Frozen Banana Hooded Sweatshirt
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    "Arrested Development Bluths Hoodie Go bananas over the TV series Arrested Development , now in development for a fourth season in 2013 after being canceled in 2006. This Arrested Development hoodie features the logo from Bluth's Original Frozen Banana, a food stand that plays an important part in the series storyline. The Arrested Development Bluths Hoodie is a royal blue pullover with two pockets. This warm and comfortable hooded sweatshirt has the ""Bluth's Original Frozen Banana"" logo on the front, with a walking banana in red shoes, and the words ""Mr. Manager"" in white letters on the back. Just be sure to carry a fire extinguisher when you wear this Arrested Development hoodie, since the stand has a tendency to get burned down!".

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