Arrested Development Annyong Name Tag T-Shirt

Arrested Development Annyong Name Tag T-Shirt
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    "Arrested Development Name Tag T-Shirt Don't get too confused by Annyong, as Annyong means hello in Korean. However the Bluth family unaware of this fact, calls their adopted Korean son of the Bluth's Annyong, because every time he sees them he greats them with the Korean word for Hello! This hysterical Arrested Development t-shirt is decorated with the ""Hello my name is..."" sticker tag, but with Annyong for the ""hello"" on the tag. Written on the tag in black ink is also Annyong, the name that the Bluth's mistakenly call their adopted son. You'll love the look this t-shirt has and you'll get lots of laughs when you enter a room!".