Aquaman Brave & Bold Symbol T-Shirt

Aquaman Brave & Bold Symbol T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% Cotton this orange t-shirt features the purposely distressed Aquaman symbol taken from the hit animated Batman series Batman Brave and the Bold! In Batman Brave and the Bold Batman teams up with various heroes from the DC Comic Book Universe possibly as a means of teaching Batman manners or tolerance for others. Possibly. Aquaman? Yeah Aquaman. The Prince of Atlantis absolutely LOVES to regale one with his past triumphs. To the point of severe agitation unfortunately. Remember the time Aquaman threw a whale into your trailer to defeat the 13 Cow-headed sea demons from the Darksea dimensional rifts? That just happened to occur over your trailer? No? Well Aquaman does and he'll tell you all about it. Again. With a puffy chest even.Please note that this Aquaman shirt comes in varying shades of orange. I think it was Ocean Master's fault.