Ant-Man & The Wasp Classic Men's T-Shirt

Ant-Man & The Wasp Classic Men's T-Shirt
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    Small in size butsizablein legend.Ant-Man and The Wasp -- aka Professor Henry "Hank" Pym and Janet van Dyne -- are two original Avengers benefitting from size-altering Pym Particles.Handsome intelligent beautiful and worldly this mass-dispersing super-couple utilizes Hank Pym'sreductivedesigner cells to enable super-strength insect stature and mildly imposing insect communication.Made from 100% cotton ourAnt-Man & The Wasp Classic Men's T-Shirtfeatures classic purposely distressed comic panelsstarring these two diminutive darlings and Silver Age Avengers stalwarts.Heather-gray??Our Ant-Man and The Wasp t-shirt features a marbling or "heather" effect expressed through the interweaving of light and dark threading -- in this case gray and white material.