Ant-Man Pym Particle Men's T-Shirt

Ant-Man Pym Particle Men's T-Shirt
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    NEW FROM PYM TECHNOLOGIES! Made from 50% polyester 25% cotton 25% rayon and 100% mass-dispersing Pym Particles this heather-gray t-shirt features Ant-Man's diminutive silhouette positioned upon the official Ant-Man logo and immediately underneath a hulkingdisinterested atomwho won't split a smile regardless of Scott'sfart joke flurry.Besides the hulking unimpressed Atom and the proud Scott Lang silhouette the t-shirt's softness is especiallynotable. Here at PYM TECH we shrink all the coarseatoms into oblivion(aka the Quantum Zone/Microverse)allowing only the softest atoms to combine and grant atomic density to our fine Ant-Man t-shirts.What you question the validity of our company? Fine. Check out the left sleeve and BEHOLD: it's the official PYM TECHNOLOGIES logo. Sure anyone can slap an image of Ant-Man on a t-shirt but the official PYM TECH stamp? Only Hank Pym himself has access to it and it's impossible to reproduce considering knock-offs can't resist a sudden density increase of