Ames Bros Don't Start Wars Graphic T-Shirt

Ames Bros Don't Start Wars Graphic T-Shirt
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    Protest personal and galactic warfare while showcasing your love of all things George Lucas in this 100% cotton vintage-style T-shirt. Sourced from a galaxy far, far away, this comfortable shirt inspires wearers to be the change they want to see with three simple syllables: Don't Start Wars. With origins traced back to before the Galactic Civil War, this T-shirt is a replica of the secretly traded garb of the pre-civil war era, rumored to be coveted by those in direct opposition to the mounting societal tension after the Swarm War of 36 ABY. Support ancient galactic peacemakers and show your opposition to war with the Don't Start Wars graphic T-shirt. A campaign continued by the creative minds at Ames Bros, the exclusive Don't Start Wars T-shirt is available in sizes Medium - 2X, and makes a perfect gift for fellow Star Wars fans. P.S. Show how much you *heart* Don't Start Wars by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Graphic T-Shirt Created By: Ames Bros Color: Vintage Black T-