Amazing Spider-Man Since 1962 Men's T-Shirt

Amazing Spider-Man Since 1962 Men's T-Shirt
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    Well someone's obviously a little full of themselves...I mean sure we know he's amazing but part of that 'amazingness' has to do with Spider-Man's humility...which is noticeablyabsent on ourAmazing Spider-Man Since 1962 Men's T-Shirt.Made from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester this soft heather-blue Spider-Man t-shirt features a modern rendering of Spider-Man's head encircled by a rainbow of colors. And no this t-shirt is NOT brought to you by-- or associated with in ANY way-- Skittles® candies (TASTE THE RAINBOW!!)Residing above and below Spider-Man's rainbow-encased head-bits the words "AMAZING SINCE '62." You don't get the reference?Here's the Reference:In 1962 Spider-Man debuted in the pages ofAmazing Fantasy #15 an anthology seriesreleased by Marvel Comics. And Spider-Man's preeminent prefacing descriptor is almost always"AMAZING" considering he features prominently in a similarlynamed comic series."Heather-blue??"This describes the marbling or "heather" effect created by an