30 Rock Jack 25 Super Hot Moms Quote T-Shirt

30 Rock Jack 25 Super Hot Moms Quote T-Shirt
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Additional Details Color: White A 30 Rock t-shirt Jack "25 Super Hot Moms " - quote is made for the Jack Donaghy fan. Originating from a conversation between Jack and associate Liz Lemon, where Liz asks about Jack's summer replacement shows, this quote is pure Jack. Taken from 30 Rock season 2, episode 1, Seinfeld Vision, the quote, "24 superhot moms, 50 eighth grade boys, no rules" refers to one of Jack's big hits -- according to Jack, of course. The Jack 25 Super Hot Moms 30 Rock TV show t-shirt that comes in white with black lettering and the 30 Rock logo is a must-have for every Jack Donaghy fan or wannabe! Related Categories:NBC, Characters, Clothing, 30 Rock Quotes, 30 Rock, 30 Rock, T-Shirt Shop, Jack Donaghy