Up-To-Date Social Media Tees

The internet changed considerably as it entered the mainstream across the '90s, and we've watched its identity evolve and change further across the past decade. Now everybody is interconnected with friends and family at all times - always and forever.

What better way to celebrate your social networking connection addiction than through a good t-shirt?

1. Meaning of Facebook T-shirt

Meaning of Facebook T-shirt

Sometimes the Facebook experience carries some very real life lessons. Other times, you just wish people would stop trying to get you to play Farmville with them.

2. Facebook Tee

Facebook Tee

Of all the antidotes to workplace tedium,
Facebook is certainly a functional example.

3. Past Tense of Tweet

Past Tense of Tweet

Why, it's almost as if those who communicate
in more than 140 characters at a time
are having a laugh here!

4. Poke


Finally a t-shirt dedicated to the whole reason anybody actually uses Facebook. Sometimes you poke, and sometimes you get poked.

5. Too Trunk To Dweet

Too Trunk To Dweet

Don't let this stop you! I mean, c'mon, it's funnier for all of us.

6. Twitter


This should be your personal catchphrase in any and all uncomfortable situations. Also, life is a sitcom.

7. Wasnt My Weiner

Wasnt My Weiner

Someday, we're all going to look back and say, "Wow, turns out politicians don't know self-restraint on social media either." Then we'll remember we forgot to put on pants.

8. Not on Facebook

Not on Facebook

With this trendy big text tee, you too can tell the world you're too cool to have friends on the internet. And to also be stalked by strangers. And-

9. Follow Friday Tshirt

Follow Friday Tshirt

Twitter is just the first step toward our eventual conversion to an entirely digital existence, you realize.



This is basically what it looks like when someone tweets in all caps.

11. Twitter


Some people just haven't developed a taste for the sweet tweets. We wish the same could be said for their taste for blood.

12. facebook: where everybody knows your name

facebook: where everybody knows your name

One might say Cheers to this tee!

13. Logo fun... WTF!

Logo fun... WTF!

No time to listen to your complaints now! I've got a million updates to read.

14. Conformity!


Why not express your rebellious counter-culture individualism through an ironic brand-laden t-shirt? You might make people's heads explode.