Timeless Studio Ghibli Tees

Studio Ghibli founder Hayao Miyazaki has been called the Walt Disney of Japan. And until Disney began releasing his films in the west a decade or so ago, Studio Ghibli's magic was relatively unknown to western audiences outside of a cult following.

As Japanese animation goes, you don't get any more beloved than this. And you don't have to be an anime otaku to enjoy any of these movies.

That said, why not share your love of these enchanting movies with a Ghibli tee? These creative films have spawned no lack of creativity in turn.

1. I Love Totoro

I Love Totoro

If you love Totoro, then share the Totoro love!

2. The Friendly Spirit

The Friendly Spirit

Can you spot the Totoro?

3. Ponyo


Like cliffs by the sea? Enjoy mermaid tales? Sounds like you could use some Ponyo in your life.

4. Chibi Totoro

Chibi Totoro

The little Totoro trio. For the underdogs among forest spirits.

5. No Face

No Face

There is no face more disconcerting to wear on a Spirited Away tee than that of No Face. No question.

6. Neko Bus Stop

Neko Bus Stop

Once you've traveled by Catbus, there is no other public transportation to consider. None.

7. Soot Sprite

Soot Sprite

There's nothing filthy about this stylish soot sprite tee!

8. Totoro family

Totoro family

Cool umbrella movie scenes, huh? Mary Poppins, you have been outclassed.

9. Totoro and Friends

Totoro and Friends

This stylish My Neighbor Totoro tee will leave people frozen in the Catbus headlights.

10. Studio Ghibli Logo

Studio Ghibli Logo

None other than the Studio Ghibli logo. Double-Totoro and all.

11. Kodama


A Kodama tee for all Princess Mononoke fans who wish their head would jingle with every shake.

12. Totoro Body

Totoro Body

And now you can actually be Totoro. Figuratively.

13. Cheshire Totoro

Cheshire Totoro

There's no one who can't smile at this face.