Tees You Wouldn't Want to Wear to a Job Interview

Can you believe it? The day of your big job interview has arrived. Do or die. Make it or break it. Party or be sorry. We're pretty sure people say that. All of these things.

Want to impress your prospective employers with what a smart, snappy dresser you are? Looking for something in a witticism laden tee, perhaps?

These are not the tees you're looking for. In fact, in some cases, you may be lucky if you're only not hired when wearing one or another of these tees.

Maybe just keep these for private time wearing. Maybe just that. Yeahhhh.

1. Unemployee Of The Month

Unemployee Of The Month

If you bound into the interview by pointing at this tee and announcing that it's opposite day, you might just confuse the proceedings.

2. And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

These are what are officially referred to in the biz as 'unemployment duds.'

3. Quit Your Job With Style

Quit Your Job With Style

Regrettably, most workplaces don't come equipped with handy escape chutes.

4. Middle Finger Connect The Dots

Middle Finger Connect The Dots

You could make the argument that this tee effectively communicates your feelings on authority.

5. I don't work here.

I don't work here.

This might just make it easy for them.

6. Employee of the Minute

Employee of the Minute

This is probably one of those 'too much honesty' cases.

7. Working's For Chumps!

Working's For Chumps!

Why not just walk up to the interviewer with your palm extended and say, "Money please?"

8. Here About The Blow Job

Here About The Blow Job

This one only really works if you're applying to work at a fan factory.

9. Have Sex Work Less

Have Sex Work Less

Now that's work ethic that people you don't want getting behind will get behind!

10. Will Work For Duff

Will Work For Duff

Can you even imagine what a pain this would be for payroll? I mean, what is the beer-to-money conversion rate?

11. You Work I Surf

You Work I Surf

This one works best in landlocked areas. Unless it's taken as one of those newfangled internet jokes.

12. A Job For You

A Job For You

Hey, hey, whoa. You're the one getting interviewed here, buddy.

13. Ninja Career Option

Ninja Career Option

Some employers might prefer that their employees sleep at night.
This is still their loss.