Sweetest Valentine's Day T-shirts

So, you're not a cynic. Don't worry, we won't make fun of you. It's okay to love love - even to hyphenate it, a little love-love never hurt - and to even relish in the feeling of being in love. The rush of endorphins, the oxytocin, the serotonin. Happy chemicals!

Far too often, the chilly-hearted like to stomp around and play regular old grumpuses at times of the year like Valentine's Day, but if love isn't to be celebrated, what is?

Love is often goofy, corny, and cheesy - but hey, these things are fun. Check out these lovely little tees to make your heart feel all warm and toasty this Valentine's Day season!

1. Heart Puzzle

Heart Puzzle

Now that you've solved this puzzle, perhaps it's time to really tackle that Rubik's cube.

2. I love you

I love you

How many languages were you looking for?

3. Rawr Means I Love You in Dinosaur

Rawr Means I Love You in Dinosaur

You're not gonna reject this one, are you? Their love is prehistoric.

4. Penguin Lovers

Penguin Lovers

When we think love, I'm pretty sure we all think of penguins. Love doesn't fly - it waddles around and then slides everywhere on its belly.

5. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Remember! The above image does not represent the actual physiology of the human heart! If your heart begins to resemble this, consult a doctor immediately! A love doctor. With an actual PhD.

6. je t'aime ♥ i love you

je t'aime ♥ i love you

A lotta love in the language du amour.

7. Loveasaurus


Unfortunately, the Loveasaurus's instinctual predilection for indiscriminate hugging and sincere affection didn't bode well for its longevity as a species.

8. The Love of Cthulhu

The Love of Cthulhu

Hey, even Cthulhu gets lonely in R'lyeh.

9. Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

If you're looking for love, but can't quite see, this particular tee seems pretty Braillient to me.

10. Panda Love

Panda Love

Love is known to cause bear ear growth in hoodies. But perhaps you already knew that.

11. The "about to" Kiss

The "about to" Kiss

Hey, Mario! Looks like your Gustav Klimt reenactment is on this website! Now make with the kissy-face, Princess.

12. Love Star

Love Star

Now this is one superweapon you'd want to train on your lover's Alderaan!