Sparkly Twilight Tees

What happens when you take vampire romance genre and suggest, "How 'bout we make 'em sparkle in the sunlight instead of turning into piles of ash or goo?" Twilight, of course. Mix in some shirtless teen werewolves who just so happen to be conveniently oiled up at all times, and you've got a whole generation salivating.

Naturally, salivation leads to one thing and one thing only - t-shirts. And we've got those in spades.

As a point of advice, though - don't play in traffic. That pale aloof guy in your class might not show up to knock that thing out of the way.

1. Team Edward

Team Edward

I've heard there's a blood oath to join this side.

2. Team Jacob

Team Jacob

Cat Scratch Fever jokes don't seem to work with this team.

3. Eclipse Edward Cullen

Eclipse Edward Cullen

Staring is a pretty big part of vampire romance, actually.

4. Nosferatu


Old school ladies choose Nosferatu. Count Orlok was the paragon of sexy vampire in his time.

5. Forks High School

Forks High School

I suppose this is the place for a requisite 'forking' joke.

6. New Moon: The Twilight Saga

New Moon: The Twilight Saga

I'm pretty sure some Twilight fans came here looking for butts. You're the winners!

7. Bella And Edward

Bella And Edward

This New Moon tee is beyond the pale! GET IT?

8. I Can't Change How I Feel

I Can't Change How I Feel

Actually, you probably can, but that might take therapy and medication. Sorry. I'll be quiet.

9. Sparkle Free Munsters

Sparkle Free Munsters

Grandpa Munster might have a few words for these whippersnappers.

10. Twilight Wolves

Twilight Wolves

In this case, there are only two wolves. And no moon.

11. Jacob Stare

Jacob Stare

Jacob actually has a shirt on in this one!

12. Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf

Lupophobia's more common than you think, actually.

13. Edward Walking

Edward Walking

That Edward Cullen may want to consider investing in a pair of hedge clippers here. Just saying.

14. It All Begins With a Choice

It All Begins With a Choice

If there was a ghost dude vying for Bella's attention, she wouldn't even know.