Seductive True Blood T-shirts

These days, vampires are everywhere. Sometimes they sparkle and just want your love. Other times, you're dinner. In True Blood's case, it's about a fifty-fifty toss-up that they'll either seduce you or eat you. Sometimes both!

So whether you're a fang-banger or a wee bit more concerned for your safety, hey, True Blood makes for some awesome tees. Hey - put those fangs away. We can see you drooling.

1. Fangtasia Panels

Fangtasia Panels

A tee for the fang-bangers and fang-banger wannabes. Everybody's favorite vampire club.

2. Fangtasia Text Collage

Fangtasia Text Collage

The Fangtasia experience - distilled to a snazzy tee.

3. Bon Temps Football School Shirt

Bon Temps Football School Shirt

Want to emulate Jason Stackhouse and sleep with everybody? Gents, this understated Bon Temps football shirt's for you.

4. Sookie's Merlotte's Bar and Grill T-Shirt

Sookie's Merlotte's Bar and Grill T-Shirt

This Merlotte's waitress shirt would probably make a pretty snazzy costume for would-be vamp victims.

5. True Blood Characters

True Blood Characters

Yes, True Blood is basically sexy supernatural people: the show. Dig it.

6. Four Shot

Four Shot

You'll be seeing red when you wear this vampire-filled True Blood shirt! Particularly when you look at it - y'know, the color tone.

7. Bewere


The best part of Werexistance is the part where in the True Blood universe, you could potentially be just about a were-anything. I'm thinking the world could use more were-marmosets.

8. Bite


Oh Sookie and Bill, will that crazy psychic kid and old bloodsucker ever work it out?

9. Bloody Group

Bloody Group

You know, I'm beginning to suspect that Bon Temps may not be the safest place to live. In general.

10. Comic Vamps

Comic Vamps

Vampirism in comic book form! Now available on a t-shirt.

11. So True

So True

True that.

12. Baby Vamp

Baby Vamp

Jessica Hamby. She just wants to kill the humans. Or at least, she did when she was first introduced.