Radical ThunderCats Tees

William Shakespeare once famously wrote, "Cry havoc! And let loose the ThunderCats of war." But then again, my memories are shoddy and he might have been referring to something else, like a manatee.

Regardless, it's been a long time since the ThunderCats were last loose. Tabloid headlines accused them of just that repeatedly in the mid-'80s, in fact. Lion-O famously fended off paparazzi while reminding them every few seconds that he was Lion-O, LORD OF THE THUNDERCATS! As if they could forget.

After taking a several decade break, the ThunderCats are back to terrorize local senior citizen Mumm-Ra again, as they've always done best. Is there a better way to celebrate that than with t-shirts? I submit that there is not!

1. Thundercats Action T-Shirt

Thundercats Action T-Shirt

That face Lion-O's making in the background? That's the face he makes when he gets upstaged by the others.

2. Thundercats Panthro I Got Skills T-Shirt

Thundercats Panthro I Got Skills T-Shirt

Sure, you know t-shirts and action figures, but have you ever considered what would happen if they combined the two? This is MAD science, I tell you.

3. Mumm-ra The Ever-Living ThunderCats T-Shirt

Mumm-ra The Ever-Living ThunderCats T-Shirt

The Mumm-Ra pose is pretty much a cultural institution, you realize.

4. Lion-O's Cereal T-Shirt

Lion-O's Cereal T-Shirt

There isn't a single one among us who wouldn't have eaten these as a kid - who wouldn't have DEMANDED this cereal. That's just what they call breakfast justice.

5. Hello ThunderKittys T-Shirt

Hello ThunderKittys T-Shirt

This was inevitable. It's okay to like it. And to also wonder why Snarf isn't there. Everybody loves Snarf. EVERYBODY.

6. Lion-O In The Middle - Thundercats T-shirt

Lion-O In The Middle - Thundercats T-shirt

So now Lion-O is the only one who gets to enjoy full color!? Wait, that's actually pretty in line with the original series. LORD OF THE THUNDERCATS!

7. Thundercats Combat Rush T-Shirt

Thundercats Combat Rush T-Shirt

ThunderCats are loose! But then again, maybe they run
like this when Snarf forgets to turn off the stove, too.
I'm just saying.

8. Group ThunderCats Shirt

Group ThunderCats Shirt

The gang's all here! Even if they never would have plausibly gotten together to pose for a picture like this in the original show.

9. Japanese Thundercats Shirt

Japanese Thundercats Shirt

The original show was animated in Japan. The new show is, too. What's not to like?

10. ThunderCats Shirt

ThunderCats Shirt

Reppin' the '80s with that sweet 'lectro-feline logo.