Quirky Domo T-Shirts

From mascot of Japan's NHK television network to break-out internet meme star and Nintendo DSi game character, rarely do characters as recognizable as Domo-kun have so rich and varied a background.

We've got tons of t-shirts for you starring this charming fellow, of course. What does he have that we human beings don't? The teeth. It's gotta be the teeth.

1. Domo-kun Face

Domo-kun Face

Not only can you have Domo-kun on your shirt, but he can be your shirt. Wrap your torsos in that!

2. Domosaur!


I do believe this is one of those Domosaurus Rexes best known for terrifying everything in the Cretaceous Period.

3. Domo Kong

Domo Kong

Only Domio can save Domo from Domo Kong. Wrap your brain-noggins around that!

4. Mustaches Are Undercover

Mustaches Are Undercover

Domo-kun is a master of disguise. With this tee, no one will even know you're wearing a Domo shirt.

5. Hello My Name Is Domo

Hello My Name Is Domo

Why stress out over first impressions when you can let Domo-kun handle that for you?

6. Domo Can Dance

Domo Can Dance

You've never seen krumping until you've seen Domo-kun krump.

7. Lil' Domo

Lil' Domo

Sorry, Lil' Wayne. Just like that, you've been surpassed.

8. Domo In The Stars

Domo In The Stars

You're thinking Domo looks a little Chewie here. Judging by his expression, there is chewing involved.

9. Talk Nerdy To Me

Talk Nerdy To Me

Domo would do this for you himself, but no one's quite sure what language he speaks.