Nostalgic John Hughes Tees

When you think of timeless teen movies, you inevitably think of John Hughes movies. Back in the '80s, he made the genre what it is, and many would argue no one's done with the genre what he did. No one else quite captured the anxiety of adolescence with the same sort of sensitivity, or the same great music.

Whether you're a brain, athlete, basket case, princess, criminal, hoping someone remembers your birthday, or just trying to take a day off, we've got nostalgia for you.

Tee up, Johnny!

1. Talk Nerdy to Me

Talk Nerdy to Me

You know the geek would have worn her down eventually.

2. A Princess and a Criminal

A Princess and a Criminal

Any relationship founded in pissing off a girl's dad is only destined for amazing things.

3. Scrapbook - Breakfast Club

Scrapbook - Breakfast Club

It's kinda funny how the nerd got left out in the cold, isn't it?

4. Abe Froman

Abe Froman

For the sausage king of Chicago in all of us.

5. Good Morning, Turdbrain!

Good Morning, Turdbrain!

Why, that's a terrible way to start the morning! No wonder those guys got into such weird science.

6. Sixteen Candles Cake Kiss

Sixteen Candles Cake Kiss

Remember - when making out over cakes, sixteen candle burns can be a serious hazard.

7. I Heart Bad Boys

I Heart Bad Boys

You should buy this shirt. Judd Nelson could probably use the self-esteem booster.

8. 9 Times

9 Times

Can you do it? Will you do it nine times?

9. Pick Duckie Pretty In Pink

Pick Duckie Pretty In Pink

It's okay, we all make mistakes when we're young.

10. Don't Mess With the Bull or You'll Get the Horns

Don't Mess With the Bull or You'll Get the Horns

I'm beginning to think this guy wasn't a great principal.

11. Ferris Bueller, You're My Hero

Ferris Bueller, You're My Hero

You should say this to people sarcastically all the time. I know I do.

12. Breakfast Club Surfaces

Breakfast Club Surfaces

With this t-shirt, you can tell the world you're multifaceted. Or perhaps have some sort of multiple personality disorder.

13. Fake Out

Fake Out

This t-shirt is giving away every teenager's secrets.

14. Save Ferris

Save Ferris

Water tower not included.

15. Shermer High School Math Club

Shermer High School Math Club

It's kind of a social experience.