Legendary Zelda Tees

We've all been going on adventures with Link and saving Princess Zelda in Nintendo's epic Legend of Zelda series for over twenty-five years now. We've eagerly bombed Dodongos, been so hungry we could eat an Octorok, collected heart pieces, and put that pig-man Ganon down time and time again.

Looking for t-shirts that Hyrule? It's dangerous to go alone without them.

1. Don't Make Me Go Zelda On You

Don't Make Me Go Zelda On You

This is actually a pretty violent threat, in retrospect.

2. The Triforce... and a bit of darkness

The Triforce... and a bit of darkness

I'm pretty sure that blank space in the Triforce is bad news.

3. A Fistful of Rupees

A Fistful of Rupees

I don't know about you, pilgrim, but I think that Ganon guy's got a thing or two coming.

4. Hey Listen!!

Hey Listen!!

Don't worry, Navi. It's literally impossible to ARGH GO AWAY ALREADY

5. Link Kneeling w/ Sword

Link Kneeling w/ Sword

We're sure you all remember the NES instruction manual artwork well.

6. Pure Gold

Pure Gold

This t-shirt's pretty much the gold standard.

7. Zelda Hearts

Zelda Hearts

Remember, if you're almost dead, you can go kill those things and maybe eat their hearts. Or just slash at those bushes over there.

8. Eye of Truth T-Shirt by cluper

Eye of Truth T-Shirt by cluper

Point of warning: Wearing this shirt will make people want to come up and hit you with swords. Be prepared to dispense vaguely relevant tidbits of information. If you survive.

9. All I Know I Learned From Zelda - Zelda Boys T-shirt

All I Know I Learned From Zelda - Zelda Boys T-shirt

My feeling is that this is all the education anyone ever needs.

10. Link Wolf

Link Wolf

In Twilight Princess, you finally got to be hungry like the wolf.

11. Secret to Eternal Life

Secret to Eternal Life

You'll probably want all of these to live. Forever.

12. Link Stained Glass

Link Stained Glass

A Wind Waker tee worth a voyage to the bottom of the sea.

13. History of Zelda Collage

History of Zelda Collage

The Legend of T-Shirt: A Link to the Decades of Character Designs.

14. Four Links

Four Links

Four times times the Link? With four swords? Suddenly Sonic Triple Trouble sounds like a piece of cake.