It's Always Sunny in T-shirtdelphia

Hey, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans! Remember that episode, 'The Gang Gets Funny T-Shirts'?

Okay, you got me - that one hasn't happened yet. But they did make dick towels in that one episode. And then there were the Kitten Mittens. And even milksteak. There's really nothing the Paddy's Pub gang can't accomplish or ruin completely when they put their minds to it.

Now you too can wear their antics and inevitable lawsuits on your torso wherever you go. These are tees you can wear with pride, "Balls blazing," even, as Danny DeVito might put it.

1. Bull Shi*!

Bull Shi*!

A bold statement for a television show to make of itself. Your move, Who's the Boss reruns.

2. Birds of War

Birds of War

Wrestling's all fun and games until someone's neck starts bleeding.

3. Green Man Flip Black

Green Man Flip Black

With Green Man on the go, the party goes where you do!

4. I Gotta Get My Hetero On

I Gotta Get My Hetero On

Gents, when on a lady-hunt, why not consider letting Danny DeVito say it for you?

5. Get Drunk Video Games

Get Drunk Video Games

Charlie gives voice to a sentiment we've all related to at one point or another. Possibly always. And now. Most importantly now.

6. The Dennis System

The Dennis System

If you follow the D.E.N.N.I.S. System, you too will lead a truly erotic life.

7. The Duster

The Duster

When you're dead and gone, your friends will fight over this t-shirt.

8. This Is America

This Is America

Sometimes you just need to go America all over everybody's ass.

9. Does Your Cat Make Too Much Noise?

Does Your Cat Make Too Much Noise?

Home of the original Kitten Mittens. Now close to your heart. Or at least your ribcage.

10. Dayman


Prime those vocal cords to go falsetto! With this Dayman shirt, you too can fight the Nightman.

11. The Mac System

The Mac System

Mac presents an alternate means to ruining women's lives.

12. Flipadelphia


Remember - when all else fails in a game of flip cup, just use poison.

13. Nightman


The t-shirt that sounds an awful lot like a guy breaking into your house at night and raping you. He should probably watch out for that Day Man guy.

14. Charlies Dating Profile

Charlies Dating Profile

If you enjoy magnets and ghouls, but absolutely cannot stand people's knees, we've got a t-shirt match for you!

15. Nightman Cometh

Nightman Cometh

Don't worry, you don't have to pay the Troll Toll to get this Nightman Cometh tee - wearing it is like seeing the stage show live! Assuming watching plays and wearing t-shirts is a lot alike. I confuse the two frequently.