Geeky Scott Pilgrim Tees

There are rough relationships, and then there's what Scott Pilgrim had to go through. I'm pretty sure that faced with such adversity, most of us would totes go the whole "giving up" route instead of fighting off seven evil exes for anybody's love. Of course, our lives don't have the benefit of feeling like one big video game, either.

To top it off, Scott Pilgrim's precious little life made for some great comics, a movie, and a video game. With kickin' rad music, to boot. And t-shirts aplenty! With these, you'll be ready to take on the world.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Is angry giant monkey rock and roll your jam? This is your tee!

2. Sex Bob-Omb VS The Twins

Sex Bob-Omb VS The Twins

The last time I attended an amp-vs-amp battle of the bands, no monkeys or double dragons showed up at all. I just went deaf. False advertising, movie!

3. K O


This tee capturing the climactic moment in Scott's battle with Matthew Patel makes one statement clear above all others: Pirates are not in this year.

4. Scott Pilgrim vs the world

Scott Pilgrim vs the world

Oh yeah, Canada is a real place, isn't it?

5. Future Ex-Boyfriend

Future Ex-Boyfriend

Sure, we may think of ourselves as good guys now, but some of us are just another evil ex waiting to happen.

6. Ramona Flowers Bag

Ramona Flowers Bag

Ramona Flowers' bag in t-shirt form. Giant hammer not included.

7. Sex Bob-Omb

Sex Bob-Omb

Sex Bob-Omb: Here to make you feel sad and think about death and stuff.

8. Pee Bar

Pee Bar

Life would be so much simpler if every bodily function came with a stat bar.

9. Future Ex-Girlfriend

Future Ex-Girlfriend

Let this tee for the ladies stand as a warning to our gamer friends - sometimes the path to growing up is paved with getting your heart kicked in the ass a few times.

10. Smashing Pumpkins Heart

Smashing Pumpkins Heart

For those looking to collect all the tees Scott Pilgrim wore, there's no missing out on this Smashing Pumpkins one.

11. Plumtree


Whenever anybody wears a Plumtree shirt, it's pretty much going to be a Scott Pilgrim reference forever now.

12. 3G Gideon Gordon Graves

3G Gideon Gordon Graves

Gideon Gordon Graves. You can't say this tee doesn't know how to put on a show. Or that it doesn't like an awesome Triforce reference. The acoustics are Amazing!!!

13. スコット & ラモ-ナ (Scott & Ramona)

スコット & ラモ-ナ (Scott & Ramona)

Scott Pilgrim meets Akira. Just when you thought it couldn't get weirder.

14. Toronto Gig Poster

Toronto Gig Poster

If this triple-booking had any more NES game references, it would probably also include Shatterband! Also, I'm pretty sure this shirt could use some more exclamation points.



Unfortunately, the last time I gained a level, I only got a +1 to Witty T-Shirt Captions. I'm as disappointed as you are.

16. #3 Todd Ingram

#3 Todd Ingram

The costume tee for super-powered graduates of Vegan Academy who know our heads are full of curds and whey.