Funny Superhero T-shirts

For superheroes, saving the world is always serious business. Still, in a line of work that stressful, you've gotta cut loose and enjoy some laughs every so often.

So if you're into comical books, you're going to love these funny superhero tees!

1. Iron Man vs. Mandarin

Iron Man vs. Mandarin

Sometimes the bad guys are juicy.

2. Dark Knight Rider

Dark Knight Rider

Yes, even David Hasselhoff had a Batman phase.

3. Washed Up Super Heroes

Washed Up Super Heroes

Eventually, things stop being so super.

4. Centennial Avengers

Centennial Avengers

These aren't your grandpa's Avengers! Your great grandpa's, on the other hand...

5. Thorium


We enjoy these sorts of jokes periodically.

6. Buttman


You probably want to get out of the way when he throws his Buttarangs. And that's not even getting to the Buttmobile.

7. Magneto: How Does He Work?

Magneto: How Does He Work?

There's some insane clowns out there willing to help you with this. And we're not even talking about the Joker.

8. Bat And Robin

Bat And Robin

No man necessary.

9. Thor's Garage

Thor's Garage

Hey, sometimes Thor needs a shovel.

10. Super Jew

Super Jew

Sorry, goyim, you miss out on this one.

11. Super Drunk Man

Super Drunk Man

In most circumstances, he actually tends to make things worse.

12. Iron Man

Iron Man

You try keeping your shirts that wrinkle-free.

13. Family Guy DC Superheroes

Family Guy DC Superheroes

Doing all the things that make us laugh and cry. And also saving the day.

14. The Sesame Six

      The Sesame Six

Looks like the Fantastic Four just got clobbered.

15. SUPERnova!


This superhero might destroy your whole planet if he tries to save anybody there. Be warned.

16. Batman Money The Best Super Power

Batman Money The Best Super Power

You tell 'em, Bruce!

17. Avenger Time

Avenger Time

They may have an alien army, but we've got a magic dog Hulk.

18. Super laundry

      Super laundry

What? Superman does his laundry at Clark Kent's place? No wonder he's always getting those good scoops.

19. Underdog Sick Puppies

Underdog Sick Puppies

Wait- what do you mean there's a talking dog superhero?

20. Super Exclusive Club

      Super Exclusive Club

Now we know why Batman spends all his time brooding.

21. Captain Canada

Captain Canada

His superpowers include an endless supply of maple syrup and being really good at hockey.

22. Thors Light..

      Thors Light..

It gets you hammered.

23. Are You The Real Batman?

      Are You The Real Batman?

This handy flowchart takes the importance of suit nipples into account. Which is to say it's entirely accurate.

24. Super Sloth

      Super Sloth

Sometimes the Goonies aren't just good enough - they're super.

25. 'Fuzzy & Red, White & Blue' (Grover / Captain America)

      'Fuzzy & Red, White & Blue' (Grover / Captain America)

You bring the red and white - he'll bring the blue.

26. Superheroes - Simpsons

Superheroes - Simpsons

Up and at dem!

27. Captain Obvious

      Captain Obvious

To make his powers your own, make sure you follow every observation with a sarcastic, "Duh-doyyy!"

28. Super Burrito

Super Burrito

His flavor is superpowered!

29. The Doctor Of Steel (Doctor Who / Superman)

      The Doctor Of Steel (Doctor Who / Superman)


30. Magnetos Mutant Cider

      Magnetos Mutant Cider

This cider's poles are perfectly matched!

31. Superhero Sheep

      Superhero  Sheep

Someone has to stop the baaaaad guys.

32. bat man and robin t-shirt

bat man and robin t-shirt

Bat Man takes more pride in his legs than probably any human.

33. The Incredible Hawk

The Incredible Hawk

The Hulk and Hawkman finally had a lovechild!

34. Alter Ego: Detective

Alter Ego: Detective

Superhero business casual.

35. The Ladies Think I'm Fly

The Ladies Think I'm Fly

You'd have to be some kind of pilot to compete with that!

36. Super Heroic Minimalism

Super Heroic Minimalism

Know your heroes.