Funny sports tees

Celebrate your love of sports by making fun of sports with a funny t-shirt!

(We also have lots of non-funny sports tees, too)

1. Tonsil Hockey Champ T-shirt

Tonsil Hockey Champ T-shirt

All-state Champion 1988

2. Kickball State Champs T-shirt

Kickball State Champs T-shirt

Competition is high in Division II of the Northern Kickball
League. It seems like every year the "Crazy Kicker" team
is always in the finals. The 1978 finals went down as one
of THE best games in kickball history.

3. Fantasy Football Tshirt

Fantasy Football Tshirt

How do you think Harry Potter would do in fantasy
football? He'd probably cast some sort of spell to get the
first pick, but waste it on a quarterback.

4. varsity blernsball

varsity blernsball

5. Sportsmanship Tee

Sportsmanship Tee

Sportsmanship is for losers.
Now sore losing, that's for winners.

6. Unathletic T-shirt

Unathletic T-shirt

Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.
But laziness is better than both.

7. Lazy Bones Tshirt

Lazy Bones Tshirt

8. slam dunk tshirt

slam dunk tshirt

Football slam dunk!

9. Vampire Bats Tee

Vampire Bats Tee

10. Sports! Tee

Sports! Tee

Show your love for all sports (even curling and women's
basketball!) with this Sports! tshirt

11. Football Bromance Tshirt

Football Bromance Tshirt

Dude, I'm not gay or anything, but you'd look
hot in this shirt.

12. Thunder Crabs Tshirt

Thunder Crabs Tshirt

13. Touchdown! Tee

Touchdown! Tee

or is that "GOAL!"?

14. Sports T Shirt

Sports T Shirt

For the love of the gaming system.