Funny Dog T-Shirts

Bow Wow!

Cats may have taken the web humor crown, but that's not the veritable catastrophe you'd expect for our canine comrades. Nay, our doggie dynamos have their own flavor of funny, and theirs is often in bacon!

Need some new digs that express your love of dogs? You've come to the right place, diggity dog! (People still say things like that, right?) We've got all the funny dog digs you need to be the terrier of the town!

1. Pugs Not Drugs

Pugs Not Drugs

Warning! That adorable snorting sound Pugs make may actually be more addictive than some drugs.

2. Duck Hunt Dog

Duck Hunt Dog

We all know the real star of Duck Hunt was the dog.

3. Who's Awesome?

Who's Awesome?

Cats aren't the only ones that get internet memes!

4. Off the Reservoir

Off the Reservoir

Finally! The Reservoir Dogs remake you were waiting for. In t-shirt form.

5. French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Parlez vous Francais? Un chien!

6. Groucho Barks

Groucho Barks

This Barks brother doesn't need any greasepaint for his facial hair!

7. My Therapist Has a Wet Nose

My Therapist Has a Wet Nose

Watch out! That prescription for belly rubs might not be for you.

8. All About The Benjis

All About The Benjis

Also known as: This Dog T-Shirt: The Hunted.

9. Wiener on the Internet

Wiener on the Internet

Hey, this time it isn't creepy!

10. There's Something About Mary Beware of Dog

There's Something About Mary Beware of Dog

Not every animal can look this cute in a body cast.

11. Dogs See No Evil

Dogs See No Evil

Note the lack of 'smell no evil.'

12. Fo Shizzy

Fo Shizzy

We've checked - Shih Tzus do, in fact, talk like this.

13. That's a dog!

That's a dog!

In case you were wondering, this is what a dog looks like.

14. Origin of the Species

Origin of the Species

What has been seen cannot be unseen, Star Wars fans.

15. Who Let The Dogs Out

Who Let The Dogs Out

Of course I know a doctor's responsible, but Doctor Who!?

16. Obey My Dog

Obey My Dog

Even critics knew that Mugatu's dog was the dark horse of the Zoolander cast. Er, dark dog.

17. Cube Puppy

Cube Puppy

Surely you've heard of Picasso's Cubist dog!

18. Satan's Little Helper

Satan's Little Helper

Cerberus has never been more d'aww-inducingly adorable.