Funny Cat T-Shirts


The world is full of people who describe themselves as cat people or dog people, but in the realm of internet comedy, the cat reigns as king. Whether they're making you cookies and eating them, watching you from the ceiling, or requesting a cheezburger, you can't swing a url at the internet without hitting a lolcat.

We know why you're here, and don't worry, we've got the purrfect tees you've been looking for to celebrate our funny furry friends. By the time you reach the bottom of this list, you'll be more cat than person!


1. Who's Laughing Meow

Who's Laughing Meow

Quick! Maybe if you jangle your car keys, policecat will get distracted!

2. Mister Mittens' Big Adventure

Mister Mittens' Big Adventure

That one cat laser light show you had a fever dream about is real.

3. Fidel Catro

Fidel Catro

Maybe you don't agree with his agenda, but can you really help but love feline Fidel?

4. Catroulette


Like Chat Roulette, but a million times less likely to scar you for life!

5. Ceiling Cat vs. Longcat

Ceiling Cat vs. Longcat

Sorry Wide Dog, Longcat's got a new rival.

6. Schrodinger's Cat

Schrodinger's Cat

Another thought experiment solved with zombies!

7. Fuzz Aldrin

Fuzz Aldrin

That's one small paw for cat, and - oh, this is the second one.

8. Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow

Don't worry, when he talks about a Great Leap Forward, he just means jumping between a couple of windowsills.

9. Wai So Srs

Wai So Srs

This cat's got jokes! Maybe not haha-funny jokes, though.

10. Anti-Gravity


That is one toasty cat.

11. I Can Has Awesomes LOL Cat

I Can Has Awesomes LOL Cat

The power of Happycat compels you.

12. Cat + Pastry = Rainbow

Cat + Pastry = Rainbow

Now you know their biggest secret.

13. This Cat Doubts Yer Cred

This Cat Doubts Yer Cred

Hipster cat is the literal cool cat.

14. Party Animal

Party Animal

Catzilla knows no mercy.

15. Nyan Cat Nyan

Nyan Cat Nyan

How many nyans would Nyan Cat nyan taking into consideration Nyan Cat's noted capacity to nyan?

16. Cat-At Loves You!

Cat-At Loves You!

Hah! The cats in Star Wars were hidden in plain sight all along!

17. Funny Catnip

Funny Catnip

Trust me, once your cat's hooked on the nip, it's hard to get clean.