Funny Cat T-Shirts


The world is full of people who describe themselves as cat people or dog people, but in the realm of internet comedy, the cat reigns as king. Whether they're making you cookies and eating them, watching you from the ceiling, or requesting a cheezburger, you can't swing a url at the internet without hitting a lolcat.

We know why you're here, and don't worry, we've got the purrfect tees you've been looking for to celebrate our funny furry friends. By the time you reach the bottom of this list, you'll be more cat than person!


1. Pavlov's Cat

Pavlov's Cat

Hey, they've gotta do something with all that saliva.

2. All Magical Nyan Cat Food

All Magical Nyan Cat Food

Guaranteed to make your cat fly! Into space. For a duration of time yet to be determined.

3. Mister Mittens' Big Adventure

Mister Mittens' Big Adventure

That one cat laser light show you had a fever dream about is real.

4. The Catvengers

The Catvengers

We're not kitten around with these Avengers - wait.

5. Wai So Srs

Wai So Srs

This cat's got jokes! Maybe not haha-funny jokes, though.

6. The Justice Cats of Ameowrica

The Justice Cats of Ameowrica

You knew the Justice League had feline counterparts, right?

7. Nyan Cat - Original

Nyan Cat - Original

How many nyans would Nyan Cat nyan taking into consideration Nyan Cat's noted capacity to nyan?

8. Doctor Mew

Doctor Mew

Behold, the regenerations of the Time Cat.

9. Catroulette


Like Chat Roulette, but a million times less likely to scar you for life!

10. Wanted Dead And Alive

Wanted Dead And Alive

Try to figure this one out!

11. Cat-At Loves Lasers!

Cat-At Loves Lasers!

There were always cats hidden in Star Wars. Now you know!

12. CAD - No LOL cat

CAD - No LOL cat

Pish posh, not all cats are so rubbish at speech!

13. Talk To Your Cat About Catnip

Talk To Your Cat About Catnip

Trust us, once your cat's hooked on the nip, it's hard to get clean.

14. Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity Killed the Cat

The Mars rover's true machinations revealed!

15. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cat Noise

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cat Noise

Try kitten mittens!

16. Glamour Kills Pizza Cat Says Relax

Glamour Kills Pizza Cat Says Relax

You should take advice from Pizza Cat more often.

17. Lolcats


Have you seen these lolcats!?

18. Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow

Don't worry, when he talks about a Great Leap Forward, he just means jumping between a couple of windowsills.

19. Deadmau5 Meowingtons

Deadmau5 Meowingtons

Just a cat. Still an awesome t-shirt.

20. Copy Cat

Copy Cat

Where did you think the term came from?

21. Hang In There Pussy

Hang In There Pussy

Wait, are they being insulting or just being literal?

22. Garfield Face

Garfield Face

Now you can go around assigning two values to all things: Lasagna and Mondays. There is no in-between.

23. Dr Seusshi

Dr Seusshi

One fish, two fish, dead fish, tasty fish.

24. Who's Laughing Meow

Who's Laughing Meow

Quick! Maybe if you jangle your car keys, policecat will get distracted!

25. Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty

Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty

Try looking at this tee without singing the song in your head. You can't do it, can you?

26. Ceiling Cat vs. Longcat

Ceiling Cat vs. Longcat

Sorry Wide Dog, Longcat's got a new rival.

27. Nyan Cat - Apocalypse

Nyan Cat - Apocalypse

Nyan Zombie - could there be anything more adorably terrifying?

28. Catwork Orange

Catwork Orange

We find this version of the movie is a lot less disturbing.

29. Schrodinger's Cat

Schrodinger's Cat

Another thought experiment solved with zombies!

30. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat's been reading Kate Beaton comics.

31. The Alley Cat

The Alley Cat

This cat's one smooth criminal.

32. Fuzz Aldrin

Fuzz Aldrin

That's one small paw for cat, and - oh, this is the second one.

33. RIOT SOCIETY Catwich



34. YOLO Cat


If you were a cat, you'd lord your nine lives over all the one-lived humans too.

35. Catnip Freakout

Catnip Freakout

So, there's a cat Reefer Madness too. The world must know.

36. True Love & False Idols - Party Animal

True Love & False Idols - Party Animal

Catzilla knows no mercy.

37. Anti-Gravity


That is one toasty cat.

38. Fidel Catro

Fidel Catro

Maybe you don't agree with his agenda, but can you really help but love feline Fidel?

39. Deftones Adrenaline cat

Deftones Adrenaline cat

The sound of cat noise.

40. Cat Person

Cat Person

"Don't mind Sarah, every time there's a full moon she just turns into a cat person."

41. RIOT SOCIETY Space Catdet


Cat adventures! In space!

42. Coffee Cat Funny

Coffee Cat Funny

Looks like a catffeine rush!

43. General Catton

General Catton

He's here to win all your wars. Through cuteness.

44. Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko

Welcome the world with this tee.

45. Lost Cat

Lost Cat

Go on, look for this cat. What could possibly go wrong?

46. Lions Top Hat Funny Awesome Cat Detroit

Lions Top Hat Funny Awesome Cat Detroit

As dapper as lions come.

47. RIOT SOCIETY Catastrophe

RIOT SOCIETY Catastrophe

This is exactly why giving cats laser beams was a great idea.

48. Harry Potter Crookshanks The Cat

Harry Potter Crookshanks The Cat

The unsung star of Harry Potter.

49. The Cat Costume

The Cat Costume

Bring your own hat and whiskers.

50. Big Putty

Big Putty

The tat knows where it's at.