Funny Bacon Tees

There's meat and then there's bacon. Some call bacon the tuxedo of meats. Want to make anything better, no matter how abstract or conceptual? Just add bacon! Sure, some people might suggest giving some of that pugnacious pork or any of those many varieties of beefs a shot, dare we suggest even chicken, but there's only one bacon.

And now you too can wrap yourself in bacon! In a sanitary way.

1. Bacon Always

Bacon Always

They say always, but have you seen what happens when bacon goes flat?

2. Bacon Makes Everything Better

Bacon Makes Everything Better

It's true - even for abstract concepts! Now you too can imagine metaphors made entirely out of bacon!

3. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

The really awkward part is when the toast starts going off about his dad giving him a carton of cigarettes for Christmas.

4. Either You Like Bacon Or You're Wrong

Either You Like Bacon Or You're Wrong

You wouldn't want to be wrong, would you?

5. Bacon Is Good For Me

Bacon Is Good For Me

Did you know you can invent your own food groups? Bacon even has its own pyramid.

6. Stay Hungry My Friends

Stay Hungry My Friends

This poor pig doesn't know what he's getting himself into.

7. Don't Go Bacon My Heart

Don't Go Bacon My Heart

Now that it's been verbed, have at it!

8. The Creation Of Bacon

The Creation Of Bacon

From the very beginning, bacon touched us all. Mostly in the heart.

9. The Shirt of Infinite Bacon

The Shirt of Infinite Bacon

Before everything else, there was bacon. After everything else is gone, there will still be bacon.

10. Let's All Go And Have Breakfast

Let's All Go And Have Breakfast

Knowing what lies ahead, you do have to admire their positive attitude.

11. Bacon is What?!

Bacon is What?!

Two words: Pig therapy.

12. There Will Be Bacon

There Will Be Bacon

Go on. Imagine Daniel Day-Lewis with a bacon mustache. We're all there with you.

13. Break Fast

Break Fast

Technically speaking, it's always a bacon emergency.

14. You Had Me At Bacon

You Had Me At Bacon

Now that's an enlarged heart!

15. Keep Calm And Bacon On

Keep Calm And Bacon On

On the verge of hyperventilating? You need to breathe into a bag made entirely of bacon.

16. I'd Wrap That Bacon

I'd Wrap That Bacon

And then I'd consume it and I'd probably take a nap for a few hours!

17. Mmmm Bacon!

Mmmm Bacon!

If only thinking alone was enough to constitute bacon into physical being.

18. Make Bacon Not War

Make Bacon Not War

If possible, try to make that bacon on the beach.

19. Bacon Isn't Better Than Sex, It's Way Better

Bacon Isn't Better Than Sex, It's Way Better

If only there was some way to combine these things without rampant grease burns.

20. BaconStrips!


There might eventually be hospitalization in there if you don't break things up a bit. Know what's a great motivator on the treadmill? Bacon.

21. Mmmerica T-Shirt

Mmmerica T-Shirt

O beautiful for scrumptious skies! For amber waves of syrup!

22. Eggs, Milk and... Tee

Eggs, Milk and... Tee

Let's try not to imagine what the pig's going through here. These are some complicated emotions on display.