Freakin' Sweet Family Guy Tees

In the past decade, Seth MacFarlane's become an animated comedy institution unto himself. And before American Dad and The Cleveland Show, there was the series that started it all - Family Guy, of the fictitious Quahog, Rhode Island. Defying the odds and surviving an extended cancellation, years of fan campaigning brought the show back, and we've had years of tittering to the effect of ehehehehehehehehehehehehe! to enjoy ever since. That's just the way Peter Griffin laughs.

Whether you're a fan of Peter's hijinks, Brian and Stewie's adventures, Quagmire's raunchy escapades, or just feel bad for Meg, we've got t-shirts for you.

1. My Peter Is Huge

My Peter Is Huge

Eheheheheheh. Petah.

2. How Do I Block You in Real Life Dislike

How Do I Block You in Real Life Dislike

Real life probably could use more Facebook filters.

3. Ultimate Chicken Fighting

Ultimate Chicken Fighting

The battle between Peter and the chicken is such that not even a Rocky III double-knock-out freezeframe finish could end.

4. Group Wars

Group Wars

Family Guy and Star Wars. One epic tee. Lacking only in Porkins. Poor Porkins.

5. Freakin Epic

Freakin Epic

Word on the street is that you'll make a whole lot of Super Friends wearing this Justice League spoof tee.

6. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Now you can reference an internet meme and wear a Family Guy tee all at the same time!

7. Three Brian Moon

Three Brian Moon

We're approaching the Three Wolf Moon singularity, you realize - soon, there will be no t-shirts but variations of characters, animals, and things howling at the moon. Thrice.

8. Rasta Face

Rasta Face

"Hey, remember that time I was Bob Marley?"

9. Rockstar Stewie

Rockstar Stewie

The best thing about this t-shirt? It won't be long before Guitar Hero references are considered retro, and Family Guy's looked back on just like The Simpsons.

10. Why Haven't You Stopped Talking

Why Haven't You Stopped Talking

This time, why not let Stewie say it for you?

11. We Have Cookies

We Have Cookies

I had something witty to say about this shirt. You know, something, something, something Dark Side. I'm just blanking.

12. I Am Batman

I Am Batman

In a world where Spider-Ham was a thing, there's nothing implausible about Brian being Batman.

13. Do The Robot

Do The Robot

Hey, sometimes animated comedy t-shirts are instructive, too!

14. Evil Monkey In My Closet

Evil Monkey In My Closet

I'm pretty sure most people will tell you you're just making this up.

15. This Calls For a Sexy Party

This Calls For a Sexy Party

Hey there, Teenormous browser! Ask Stewie about his sexy parties!