Far Out Space Tees

Ever wanted to get away to outer space? Perhaps take a tour of the stars, a trip to Mars, or go on a voyage across the universe? You could be an astronaut, but not for astro naught, and visit other planets just as you planned it.

Now you can wear the teenormity of our race to space. It's a pretty far out place.

1. I'm High (In Space)

I'm High (In Space)

Literally speaking, you don't get any higher than space.

2. Space Shuttle Tie Dy

Space Shuttle Tie Dy

Heading to the stars is quite a trip!

3. Back In My Day We Had Nine Planets

Back In My Day We Had Nine Planets

Nostalgia for a giant ice ball.

4. Daily Commute

Daily Commute

Nothing instills a daily sense of purpose quite like a stroll in zero G.

5. Heavy Rotation Space Man

Heavy Rotation Space Man

Space is colorful.

6. Mown


This is basically the next step after golf on the moon.

7. Class of 2054

Class of 2054

For tomorrow's starmen and women.

8. Now That's A Suit!

Now That's A Suit!

Hey, does that new guy seem spaced out to you?

9. Spaceboy


Where would Spaceboy be without his trusty Spacedog?

10. Mademoiselle Galaxy

Mademoiselle Galaxy

For your more galactic sensibilities.

11. Celestial Cat

Celestial Cat

When the celestial cat plays with string theory, entire galaxies are born.

12. Cold War Vet

Cold War Vet

Monkeys in space. History doesn't get any better.

13. Objects in Space

Objects in Space

If science fiction has taught us anything, it's that there is no shape too implausible to make into a spaceship.

14. The Program

The Program

If you think about it, the Earth's atmosphere is kind of like a planet-sized spacesuit helmet.

15. Owl Nebula

Owl Nebula

Like the great owl in the stars, give a hoot!

16. I'm afraid, Dave

I'm afraid, Dave

I can think of 2001 reasons why this is a risky situation.

17. The Keyhole Nebula

The Keyhole Nebula

We are all made of stars. Especially you, deer.

18. Moon Phases

Moon Phases

You should be informed, you're being mooned.

19. Space Race

Space Race

The world of tomorrow! Here tee-day.

20. The Madness of Mission 6

The Madness of Mission 6

Suddenly Pac-Man's harrowing tale takes on a whole new resonance.

21. Space Station Astronaut

Space Station Astronaut

In space, you don't want to go off the air.

22. SUPERnova!


The universe needs someone to save the pulsars and Oort clouds from black holes.

23. It's Okay Pluto, I'm Not A Planet Either

It's Okay Pluto, I'm Not A Planet Either

If nothing else, you can always be an island. Wait, what?

24. Tell My Wife I Love Her Very Much, She Knows

Tell My Wife I Love Her Very Much, She Knows

Astro-tragedy strikes on this touching tee.

25. Moon Space Invaders

Moon Space Invaders

Men! We can shoot Space Invaders, or we can look at that big ol' moon up there!

26. Nyan Space Core

Nyan Space Core

8-bit orbit, Portal style.