Epic Batman T-shirts

There are dark cities, and then there's Gotham. Thugs and dealers in every alley, killers where you least expect them, criminal masterminds among the populace, and even that Arkham looney bin just waiting to bust open. Good thing the Batman's around. Even he may not be able to keep the streets squeaky clean, but someone's got to try.

The dark knight, DC Comics' legendary detective, is a t-shirt all-star in his own right. An all-star of the night! He's a pretty super hero.

1. Urban Legend

Urban Legend

Batman isn't just street. He's the streets. And you'll be streets ahead wearing this tee.

2. Run From the Dark

Run From the Dark

To fight off the most devious of villains, sometimes you must dive headfirst into the darkest of night. And now you can do that, too! Just like Batman! In t-shirt form.

3. Detective Comics #821

Detective Comics #821

The bat in the shadows! Now this is an imposing comic book cover shirt.

4. Batman Japanese Symbol

Batman Japanese Symbol

Batman in Japanese. For the cool import comic book look.

5. Brave And The Bold Heroes

Brave And The Bold Heroes

On Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Batman takes into account the value of friendship. Yes, even Aqua Man's. Sometimes he's got a harpoon hand.

6. Bat Among Pumpkins

Bat Among Pumpkins

Autumn is coming. That means Halloween. The Batman can sense it.

7. I'm Up All Night

I'm Up All Night

This t-shirt makes you wonder what Batman's secret is. Coffee? Caffeine pills? Sleeping during the day?

8. Batman Leaps from the Lair T-Shirt

Batman Leaps from the Lair T-Shirt

Like Batman, you should leap for this t-shirt!

9. Figure of the Dark Trunk

Figure of the Dark Trunk

Batman Begins. Comic book history.

10. Dark Detective #1

Dark Detective #1

If you ask me, the Joker's got a pretty compelling campaign slogan on this classic comic cover tee.

11. Batman in the Rain

Batman in the Rain

Neither rain nor sleet can keep the Batman off the beat.

12. Funny Pages

Funny Pages

This guy's idea of a joke can be a little creepy.

13. Batman On Time

Batman On Time

Batman, practically graffiti style. Banksy might be proud - we tried to get him to comment, and there was no response.

14. Muscle Chest Batman Costume

Muscle Chest Batman Costume

Could you ever hope to resist wearing this to parties and in daily life? The world needs to know you're batshirt crazy.

15. Arkham Asylum Running the Asylum

Arkham Asylum Running the Asylum

Arkham Asylum makes Gotham one hell of a place to lives. If it weren't for the Batman, the criminal masterminds contained within might just conquer the city, too. Conquer it with madness.

16. Batman And Robin

Batman And Robin

Robin can always use more appreciation. I mean, his whole job is to make Batman look even cooler by comparison.

17. Two Face's Face

Two Face's Face

You might want to think twice about making any bets with this Two-Faced fellow. What with the murder and all.

18. Rooftop Photo

Rooftop Photo

The imagery in this Gotham city rooftop image with the Batman? It's for real. I mean, look at that background. Seriously.

19. Batman


Simple. Classic. Vintage Batman logo. Need we say any more?

20. Joker Magic Trick

Joker Magic Trick

Whoa there, I'm pretty sure this magic trick would hurt. I'm allergic to things that hurt - probably dying, too. Let's get that dark knight in here and let him sort things out.

21. Hog Rider

Hog Rider

Bat by night, Evel Knievel also by night! What a dark knight! With a lot of hobbies.

22. Lightning Grin

Lightning Grin

Backed by even the lightning, the legendary Batman grins like a madman.

23. Detective #69 Cover

Detective #69 Cover

On this classic Batman comic cover, the Joker finally discovered the more-than-one-gun trick. Now you can wear it. History.

24. How I Roll

How I Roll

It's completely safe to pull off tricks like this on the hood of the Batmobile. For the Batman, anyway. Not sure about Robin.

25. Pumpkin Burst

Pumpkin Burst

This 'accidentally' happens a lot when Batman's fighting crime on Halloween. One of the perks of the job.