Comic Book T-Shirts for Women

Why does it seem like so many comic book t-shirts are marketed towards men? We're here to show you that women can still show their love for their favorite characters -- heroes and villains alike -- with a list of fun and sexy comic book t-shirts for women!

1. Wonder Woman Logo (Distressed)

Wonder Woman Logo (Distressed)

You are a Wonder Woman. Need we say more?

2. I Heart Bad Boys

I Heart Bad Boys

What better way to pay homage to the villains than with an "I heart bad boys" t-shirt?

3. Hulk and Iron Man Fighting

Hulk and Iron Man Fighting

Brilliant feminization of two very manly comic book characters!

4. Spider-Man Babydoll

Spider-Man Babydoll

With the way the spider web wraps around the torso, this is one sexy comic book shirt.

5. Iron Man Arc Reactor

Iron Man Arc Reactor

Sure, you could wear a picture of Robert Downey Jr.'s face on your chest, but this subtler homage is way, way cooler.

6. Heath Ledger Dark Joker

Heath Ledger Dark Joker

Creepy and hot at the same time.

7. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Why does it always have to be about the Caped Crusader? Let one of the comic world's sexiest villains have her day.

8. Green Lantern Logo

Green Lantern Logo

Wear this to a sports bar and prepare yourself for many free drinks.

9. Team Veronica

Team Veronica

Comics aren't always about the super heroes -- sometimes a little girl power is all that's needed.

10. Superman Heart

Superman Heart

A simple, feminine twist on a typical boy's Superman t-shirt.