Classic Coin-op Arcade Video Game T-shirts

Today's video game scene is a vastly different place from where it began. The days of Tetris, Pong, Asteroids, and Pac-Man have long since given way to the era of Call of Duty, Wii, Halo, and Skyrim.

Still, for so many of us, our hearts still beat for the classics. The old school will never die - it lives on in every form you can imagine. Kickin' rad t-shirts among them, of course. So if you long for the days of the quarter-munchers at your local arcade, we've got some nostalgia for you!

1. Arcade Gamer Evolution

Arcade Gamer Evolution

If you want to see when we run out of quarters, consult the opening sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

2. Nintendo Punch-Out Bald Bull

Nintendo Punch-Out Bald Bull

Never was there a franchise more effectively about punching than Nintendo's Punch-Out.

3. Frogger Pixelated

Frogger Pixelated

Why did the Frogger cross the road? The world may never know.

4. Star Wars Arcade I Have You Now

Star Wars Arcade I Have You Now

Looks like a good time for Han Solo to pop a quarter in.

5. Pac-Man Arcade Pie Chart

Pac-Man Arcade Pie Chart

Pac-Man charts don't lie. We know about that thing you have for Angry Birds.

6. Pac-Man Playing Pac-Man

Pac-Man Playing Pac-Man

Now if only someone would make an arcade game about Pac-Man playing his own game.

7. Street Barbecue

Street Barbecue

Dhalsim's Yoga Flame makes any barbecue a real scorcher!

8. Precarious


Even Mario might struggle against Jenga Kong.

9. Dig Dug

Dig Dug

Only Dig Dug would immortalize the pumping up of dragons with a bike pump in our popular culture.

10. Dragon's Lair - Followed

Dragon's Lair - Followed

Back in the old days, Don Bluth gave us the original movie game.

11. Marvel Vs Capcom Huge Group

Marvel Vs Capcom Huge Group

In an unlikely mash-up, you can now figure out who would win in a fight - Iron Man or Mega Man?

12. Toasty BBQ Shack

Toasty BBQ Shack

A lesser-known chapter of Scorpion's back story.

13. IM King - Q-Bert

IM King - Q-Bert

Even now, nobody knows what Q*Bert was supposed to be.

14. Moon Space Invaders

Moon Space Invaders

Space Invaders army moon. Perhaps scarier than three wolves.

15. Pac Cream

Pac Cream

Brain freeze is less of a concern than brain haunting this time.

16. Heartris


From Russia with love.

17. Asteroids Arcade

Asteroids Arcade

Who doesn't have Asteroids flashbacks? Once you've heard the sound of a tiny ship blasting space rocks into smaller pieces, it's in your head for life.

18. Arcadeology


Ghosts have skeletons. Now you know.

19. Dropped Combo

Dropped Combo

Even Ryu has bad days.

20. Centipede Logo

Centipede Logo

A lot of people bugged out over Centipede.

21. Ace & Company

Ace & Company

Be thou a Space Ace or space disgrace?

22. Arcade Expressionism

Arcade Expressionism

Donkey Kong was easier to play once we got joysticks.

23. Fighter Training - Galaga

Fighter Training - Galaga

Where Space Invaders kept us grounded, Galaga took the fight to the stars!

24. Push Start - Tetris

Push Start - Tetris

Just imagine how many tourists in Russia get that song stuck in their head. You know which one.

25. Dragon's Lair-Game Over

Dragon's Lair-Game Over

Dirk was always good at misplacing his flesh.

26. Konami Track and Field

Konami Track and Field

Before we had Power Pads and Wii Sports, there was a trackball on an arcade cabinet.

27. Atari Entertainment

Atari Entertainment

There's vintage gaming, and then there's Atari.

28. Hadouken 4.0

Hadouken 4.0

In retrospect, the fireballs were a lot easier to pronounce than the rest of Ryu and Ken's moves.

29. Level 1 PAC-MAN

Level 1 PAC-MAN

Some nostalgia to wear when you feel a Pac Attack coming on.

30. Death Star Invaders

Death Star Invaders

You'd think they've have spent more time shooting at all those parts of the Death Star they hadn't finished building yet.

31. Ghouls N Ghosts

Ghouls N Ghosts

You'll probably find wearing this t-shirt to be much less frustrating than the game.

32. Atari Pong Arcade

Atari Pong Arcade

Before there was anything else, there was Pong.

33. Tron Recognizer

Tron Recognizer

Be warned, Tron fans, if you die in the Grid, you're fragged in real life, too.