City-Destroying Godzilla Tees

Before there were any other giant monster movies, there was the original kaiju - Godzilla. Originating in the 1950s as a metaphor for nuclear weapons, Godzilla (Or Gojira) began savaging Tokyo, before he eventually took on a variety of other roles, from hero of the people to the world's only hope - though still a dangerous monster - facing even more dangerous space monsters, from Mothra to Rodan, Gidorah, and others.

With these tees, now the kaiju can be on you!

1. Godzilla Face

Godzilla Face

One face you don't want to cross.

2. Godzilla Oh No There Goes Tokyo

Godzilla Oh No There Goes Tokyo

A common sentiment whenever Godzilla shows up.

3. Godzilla Helicopter Air Strike

Godzilla Helicopter Air Strike

Haha, helicopters. That's cute.

4. Godzilla Kaiju Gojira Katakana

Godzilla Kaiju Gojira Katakana

Not just in Pacific Rim! Godzilla's the original.

5. Godzilla Street Stomp Attack

Godzilla Street Stomp Attack

Avoid those feet! And everything, really.

6. Gojira Movie Poster

Gojira Movie Poster

Go authentic - go all the way.

7. Godzilla City On Fire

Godzilla City On Fire

Sorry, Cloverfield monster - meet the original.

8. Godzilla - Gojira

Godzilla - Gojira

Back in black! And white.

9. Godzilla 1985

Godzilla 1985

Your Godzilla '80s nostalgia, right in one t-shirt.

10. Godzilla Vs. SpaceGodzilla Poster

Godzilla Vs. SpaceGodzilla Poster

Godzilla's had it up to here with these extraterrestrial versions of himself.

11. Godzilla Ocean Scene Sublimation

Godzilla Ocean Scene Sublimation

From the bottom of the sea to your living room, roof, neighborhood, entire city... it just goes on.

12. Godzilla - I Godzilla Tokyo

Godzilla - I Godzilla Tokyo

Do the Tokyo Stomp!

13. Godzilla Rising Sun Big Print

Godzilla Rising Sun Big Print

Godzilla: Big in Japan.

14. Godzilla Theatrical One Sheet

Godzilla Theatrical One Sheet

When Godzilla's around, you don't kick tail - tail kicks you!

15. Godzilla - vs. Gigan

Godzilla - vs. Gigan

A match-up to make the world quake!

16. Spanish Godzilla

Spanish Godzilla


17. Godzilla - Monster Island

Godzilla - Monster Island

Human tourists welcome and encouraged! Have a delicious vacation.

18. Godzilla Logo

Godzilla Logo

Chillin' like a 'zillain.

19. Godzilla Raging Monster

Godzilla Raging Monster

We'd suggest you run, but you might not be fast enough.

20. Godzilla - Duplicity

Godzilla - Duplicity

Double trouble!

21. Godzilla Red Sun Logo

Godzilla Red Sun Logo

From the shores of Japan to the metropolises of America!

22. Godzilla - Army Men

Godzilla - Army Men

Nice try, humans.

23. Godzilla Destruction Tour

Godzilla Destruction Tour

Not many monsters leave the whole world shaking with their tours like Godzilla does.

24. Godzilla - vs. Mechagodzilla

Godzilla - vs. Mechagodzilla

Looks like the Pod People got to Godzilla first.

25. Godzilla Kaiju Double Team

Godzilla Kaiju Double Team

No giant robots stopping the Kaiju this time!