Canceled Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show T-shirts

It’s basically a rite of passage for nerds to endure a show’s cancellation, and in television, rarely do geek-oriented series escape the executive crosshairs. There was even a time when we had a dedicated cable channel for sci-fi! Good thing that didn’t last. Where would nerd culture be without a heaping dollop of bitterness?

Thankfully, while these shows may be gone, you can help keep their memory alive with these great t-shirts that say, “I watched this show, and you should have. Now go back to back to Netflix with your tail between your legs! And then watch the shows. And enjoy them. And also stop looking at me like that.”

1. Sylar Stole My Brain Heroes T-shirt

Sylar Stole My Brain Heroes T-shirt

What was up with that brain stuff, anyway?

2. X-Files Movie Poster T-shirt

X-Files Movie Poster T-shirt

The truth is still out there.
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3. The Bionic Woman T-shirt

The Bionic Woman T-shirt

I'm not so sure anyone misses the reboot.
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4. Firefly Shirt

Firefly Shirt

No power in the 'verse can stop them. Not even Fox executives.
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5. Caprica Avenging Angels T-shirt

Caprica Avenging Angels T-shirt

If Zoe and Tamara can survive being blown up, cancellation’s nothing.

6. Stargate Universe-New Worlds

Stargate Universe-New Worlds

Looks like the Stargate's closed again - for now.
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7. Invite Me In Angel Shirt

Invite Me In Angel Shirt

The best part of this show was when we got to imagine the ending.

8. Heroes Characters Painting T-shirt

Heroes Characters Painting T-shirt

Save the cheerleader, cancel the show, I guess.

9. Serenity If Wishes Were Horses T-shirt

Serenity If Wishes Were Horses T-shirt

Nobody tell Jayne what steak is made of.

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10. The X-Files Lone Gunmen T-shirt

The X-Files Lone Gunmen T-shirt

These guys even had their own show too, briefly.