Best Video Game T-shirts

With the rise of all sorts of personal technology that society can't live without, these days, it's cool to be a nerd. You know this, of course, gamers. Those of us with video game habits know what a rich history gaming truly has. Nowadays, whether it's with Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, or smartphone and tablet addictions like Angry Birds, nearly everyone's a gamer.

To celebrate the rich history, subculture, and goofy sense of humor all around gaming, we've assembled here all sorts of trendy threads and retro regalia for you. So whether you prefer your nostalgia goggles on or off, we've got some fun alternative gaming tees to herald our modern era of geek chic over geek bleak.

1. The Plumbers Wardrobe

The Plumbers Wardrobe

Just imagine the suits he'd have to wear if Mario actually spent any time dealing with clogs!

2. CAD - Forever Cube

CAD - Forever Cube

The one thing that may outlive the Cube is this very meme.

3. Video Games Anti Real-Life

Video Games Anti Real-Life

You didn't really need all those friends.

4. Old Boy

Old Boy

Remember the good old days when we didn't even need color? Game Boy remembers.

5. A-Z Video Games

A-Z Video Games

For you lovers of demakes, why not a retro tee full of modern characters? Teemake.

6. Old School Video Game Controllers

Old School Video Game Controllers

Back in the old days, we didn't need buttons - let's bring back the days of dials!

7. Pong


That's a paddlin'.

8. Rollin' In My 64

Rollin' In  My 64

Hard not to look back upon these Super Smash Brotherly days with GoldenEyes.

9. Pac-Man Nom Nom Nom Eating

Pac-Man Nom Nom Nom Eating

You were looking for a special mealtime shirt. Pac-Man is here for you.

10. Gotta Get That

Gotta Get That

This t-shirt isn't in another castle!

11. Capcom 1942

Capcom 1942

A surefire way to remind the world that you played the greatest generation's video game.

12. Pikachu Moustache

Pikachu Moustache

Now we finally know what Pikachu was missing all along!

13. Classically Trained

Classically Trained

Not just for actors and pianists!

14. Pac-Man Engineer

Pac-Man Engineer

Finally. Pac-Man camo is a thing that actually exists. Now if only you could actually transport yourself directly into the game.

15. Cactuarathon


Final Fantasy's Cactuar's one prickly opponent!

16. Achievement Unlocked Bought This Shirt

Achievement Unlocked Bought This Shirt

You did it!

17. I Run These Streets

I Run These Streets

Sort of a public health message from Sonic the Hedgehog! Kind of.

18. Have You Ever Seen A Portal?

Have You Ever Seen A Portal?

Donnie Darko just got a whole lot wackier!

19. 8-BIT Vendetta

8-BIT Vendetta

Even the ducks have limits to their patience.

20. Mega Man Splattery

Mega Man Splattery

The Blue Bomber's still blasting in our hearts.

21. Minecraft Creeper

Minecraft Creeper

Maybe if you were less likable, the Creeper wouldn't keep getting excited and blowing up all your stuff. Just sayin'.

22. Hard Job

Hard Job

Suddenly, it's no wonder we were blasting Donkey Kong with bug spray by the third game.

23. Tecmo Bowl Champion 1988

Tecmo Bowl Champion 1988

24. Nintendo Mario Bros I'd Hit That!

Nintendo Mario Bros I'd Hit That!

The coins are worth the concussion.

25. Historical Reconstitution

Historical Reconstitution

Those old sprites never did quite do Yoshi justice.

26. Roll Call

Roll Call

Ghosts have names too, you know.