Animals that Should be Cute but are Actually Very Scary

Just like every evil villain probably has a soft spot for Betty White and cookie dough ice cream, every adorable, fuzzy animal has a dark side. After all, nature is no place for the weak. And it’s time we come to terms with the fact that just because something looks nice, doesn’t mean it is. So, if you’re the type who gets irritated when a stranger asks you for directions or a friend wants to know whether you plan on having children, wearing a t-shirt featuring an animal-that-should-be-cute-but-is-actually-very-scary will help ensure that never happens again.

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1. Chicks t-shirt

Chicks t-shirt

How would you like to have an Easter basket filled with these?

2. Scare Bear T-Shirt

Scare Bear T-Shirt

The Scare Bear t-shirt reflects the name of a book I might read to my kids as an example of who might show up if they get out of bed in the middle of the night.

Which is probably why I’m not a parent.

3. Nightmare On Sesame Street T-Shirt

Nightmare On Sesame Street T-Shirt

Looks like Elmo laughed his cute tickle laugh one too many times...

4. Zombie Squirtle T-Shirt

Zombie Squirtle T-Shirt

Turtles are cute. Squirrels are cute. But zombie squirtles? Not so much.

5. Zombie Care Bears T-Shirt

Zombie Care Bears T-Shirt

Speaking of zombies, can you imagine what would happen if Care Bears were filled with blood and intestines instead of... you know... stuffing?

6. Scooby Don't! T-Shirt

Scooby Don't! T-Shirt

Umm... Who switched the Scooby Snacks with the rabies-infected brownies again?

7. Polar Bear Cub's First Kill T-Shirt

Polar Bear Cub's First Kill T-Shirt

“Awww… what an adorable little polar bear cub! Come here, little fella. Cootchie, cootchie, c—AHHH!”

8. Odd One Out T-Shirt

Odd One Out T-Shirt

They always teach you that it’s okay to be different. What they don’t teach you is that it’s not okay to be a psychotic, knife-wielding bunny.