Angriest Angry Birds Tees

I just got back from another anger management therapy session earlier and thought I had a breakthrough. Then some birds started attacking me on the street and now I'm just feeling humbled. I thought I was mad. MAD! But no.

For some reason, ALL the birds are drunk on the rage-o-hol lately. Please stay indoors, it's for your own safety. They're even in our phones!

For all the dog and horse whisperers, why can't we have at least ONE bird therapist?

1. Pig Busters T-Shirt

Pig Busters T-Shirt

This Ghostbusters Angry Birds tee could use more Rick Moranis bird. The whole entertainment industry probably could too. I don't think anybody could resist the Stay Puft Marshmallow Pig, either. Bacon in MY marshmallows? I no longer need anything else to live.

2. Angry Red Squadron T-Shirt

Angry Red Squadron T-Shirt

I hope the architects begin the Pigstar remembered to cover all the ventilation ducts. And also anti-ghost shielding to keep visions of Obi Wan Birdobi from appearing at critical times for the bird rebels. Rebel-birds. Rebirds.

3. The ANGRY Team T-Shirt

The ANGRY Team T-Shirt

One must have considerable sympathy for the foolhardy individual who becomes the subject of these birds' ire.

4. Anger Management

Anger Management

Counseling Services

5. Angry Buffet T-Shirt

Angry Buffet T-Shirt

Has anybody thought to mention to the birds that they don't have teeth?

6. angry planes t-shirt

angry planes t-shirt

It's an angry squadron

7. Red Bird as Che Guevara T-shirt and Hoodie

Red Bird as Che Guevara T-shirt and Hoodie

This popular Cuban Revolution t-shirt super star sure is looking beaky.

8. Angry Street T-Shirt

Angry Street T-Shirt

There's a reason the request for correct directions to Sesame Street is so emphatic in the show's opening lyrics.

9. Angry Birds Wanted T-Shirt

Angry Birds Wanted T-Shirt

When the birds go out of their way to distribute anachronistic wanted posters in this modern age of the internet, you KNOW they mean business.

10. David's Secret Weapon Tee

David's Secret Weapon Tee

An Angry Bird upside Goliath's noggin

11. Nerdy Birdy T-shirt

Nerdy Birdy T-shirt

In the least, we know where this one's rage comes from.

12. Flipping The Bird - Angry Birds T-shirt

Flipping The Bird - Angry Birds T-shirt

Ohhhhh! Now I get what they always meant.

13. Birds not Bombs T-Shirt

Birds not Bombs T-Shirt

This may sound like an appeal for peace out of context, but avian armaments make bombs look like a trip to Disneyland!

14. Bird Is The Word T-shirt

Bird Is The Word T-shirt

This time, Surfin' Bird is a THREAT.

15. Faces Angry Birds Shirt

Faces Angry Birds Shirt

Stop looking at me! I leave nests alone! I only eat chicken sometimes! SOMETIMES!

16. Drop It Angry Birds Shirt

Drop It Angry Birds Shirt

I'll never eat eggs again... I'll never eat eggs again... I'll never eat eggs ag-

17. Pig Face Angry Birds Shirt

Pig Face Angry Birds Shirt

Oh man! If you wear one of these they just get even angrier- GETAWAYFROMME! It's the Angry Birds equivalent of painting a target on yourself!