Amazing Spider-Man Tees

When Spider-Man first swung onto the superhero scene in the sixties, radioactive arachnophobes everywhere had their fears put to rest when Peter Parker didn't end up with extra appendages and compound eyes. Instead, we ended up with one of the most iconic superheroes, who climbed walls, swung across New York City, and shot webs into our hearts - and more than a few ladies'. When he wasn't trouncing bad guys like the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus Rhino, Kingpin, Lizard, Mysterio, Carnage, Sandman, Scorpion, and Venom, that is. With decades of comics, video games, and multiple movies in his web, Marvel Comics' friendly neighborhood webslinger can be counted on to stick around.

We've got some tees here to make your Spidey Sense tingle. For cool shirts, not danger, mind you.

1. Not Spiderman Funny Movie Superhero

Not Spiderman Funny Movie Superhero

Once someone's done reading your t-shirt, that's your cue to spray their face with webbing and run.

2. Spiderman Tie Dye Costume

Spiderman Tie Dye Costume

Because you needed more Woodstock in your Spider-Man.

3. Marvel Comics Spiderman Hanging Upside Down with Girl

Marvel Comics Spiderman Hanging Upside Down with Girl

Hanging out puns are actually one of Spidey's favorite pastimes.

4. Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man American Flag Courage Makes a Strong Mind

Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man American Flag Courage Makes a Strong Mind

He's got all the patriotic colors. Just don't light any sparklers near his webs.

5. Marvel Comics Spiderman Perception

Marvel Comics Spiderman Perception

If you think crossovers get any better than this, you've got another thing coming, bub.

6. The Amazing Spiderman Movie

The Amazing Spiderman Movie

The latest movie's Spidey has the whole peripheral vision thing down.

7. Black Spiderman

Black Spiderman

However alien, even Spider-Man has his dark side.

8. Marvel Kawaii Swinging Spidey

Marvel Kawaii Swinging Spidey

Avenging has never looked so cute.

9. Spiderman Red Erik Larsen

Spiderman Red Erik Larsen

Classic comic nostalgia? Ol' web-head's got you covered.

10. Spider-Man Oh You

Spider-Man Oh You

Just how Spider-Man does his thing.

11. Spiderman Web

Spiderman Web

Here, Spidey would like us all to know that he's got a fierce spider-butt.

12. Spiderman Hoodie

Spiderman Hoodie

With this, all you need is some friendly neighborhood face paint.

13. Peter Parker

Peter Parker

"This? Oh no, it's just my cool Spider-Man undershirt. I'm totes not Spidey. Man, would that have been embarrassing."

14. Spiderman Heartbreaker

Spiderman Heartbreaker

With all that webbing and those wisecracks, it's no wonder Peter Parker gets literally all the ladies.

15. Black Spider-Man Hoodie

Black Spider-Man Hoodie

Warning! When carrying the Venom symbiote, you may find yourself prone to unexpected outbursts of jazz dance.

16. Spider-Man Venom How Dreadful

Spider-Man Venom How Dreadful

Venom's got a tongue most frogs would envy.

17. Spiderman Mask Circle

Spiderman Mask Circle

If you're looking for an all 'round Spidey, here's one!

18. Venom Face

Venom Face

Sure, you may be infected with an alien symbiote, but nobody can deny how cool and menacing Venom's face makes you look!

19. Spider-man Close that Door Venom

Spider-man Close that Door Venom

Venom never seems to have a good day.

20. Amazing Spiderman Ground

Amazing Spiderman Ground

We've all had that dream where we get to stand on our own face.

21. Spiderman Dock Ock Lives

Spiderman Dock Ock Lives

If you're looking for a tee that rocks, look no further than this classic comic cover with Doc Ock!

22. Marvel Spiderman Vs Doctor Octopus

Marvel Spiderman Vs Doctor Octopus

You could say Doctor Octopus is more heavily armed than most supervillains.

23. Spiderman 'Sup Ladies

Spiderman 'Sup Ladies

Nothing impresses ladies quite like spiderwebs all over everything.

24. Spider-Man Heart Tokidoki

Spider-Man Heart Tokidoki

For those whose affection entails no lack of web fluid.

25. Spiderman All Over

Spiderman All Over

When people look at you wearing this tee, they'll know that you are comic book action.

26. Spider-Man Vector Mask

Spider-Man Vector Mask

For your vector Spidey needs.

27. Spiderman Turnaround All-Over

Spiderman Turnaround All-Over

Wherever you turn, Spider-Man is there with you.

28. Spider-man Spider Sunrise Supaida

Spider-man Spider Sunrise Supaida

There was a live action Spider-Man series made in Japan, in which he had a giant robot. You learned something new today!

29. Parker Can't Lose

Parker Can't Lose

With this one, Spider-Man's head is your entire shirt! Wrap that around your torso!