Amazing Robot T-shirts

Who doesn't love robots? They're like little and sometimes absolutely gigantic metal people. And they only plot the downfall of the human race some of the time! Some of them just want love. This may or may not be a trick. We may as well indulge them.

To pay proper tribute to our future overlords, we've chosen to mostly showcase completely original tees here. If you're looking for more famous robots like the Transformers or R2-D2, we recommend a direct search.

1. Mildly Destructive Giant Robot

Mildly Destructive Giant Robot

Here to be a relative nuisance!

2. WhoBot


And humanity's destruction was briefly averted. Briefly.

3. Robot Arm Wrestling League

Robot Arm Wrestling League

Winner buys the loser a beer. With oil in it.

4. Transformers Robots in Disguise

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Oh great, now they're better than us at growing mustaches too.

5. A-Z Robots

A-Z Robots

Can you name them all?

6. Futurama Bender Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Kill

Futurama Bender Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Kill

I am Bender - insert human.

7. Robot Pixels

Robot Pixels

8-bit sprite makes everything right!

8. Robot Kill All Humans

Robot Kill All Humans

Apparently this one wasn't programmed to keep it under his hat.

9. Part Man Part Machine All Cop RoboCop

Part Man Part Machine All Cop RoboCop

Guess which part still craves doughnuts!

10. Robots Are Metal

Robots Are Metal

Both figurative and literal!

11. Two little robots

      Two little robots

It was Gir all along!

12. Run R2

Run R2

Now we know what R2-D2 was saying all along!

13. Steam Samurai

Steam Samurai

Feudal Japan has met its match!

14. Robot Masters of Mega Man 2

      Robot Masters of Mega Man 2

We still don't know why Dr. Wily made a robot out of wood.

15. Daft Droid

Daft Droid

Why's that old guy waving his hand in your face?

16. Ames Bros Robot Kong

Ames Bros Robot Kong

Move over, monkey.

17. Futurama Old Timey Bender And Fry

Futurama Old Timey Bender And Fry

Back then, robots had to wear pants.

18. Ames Bros Destroyer

Ames Bros Destroyer

Vintage robot, vintage destruction. That's classic killing all the humans.

19. Cute Little Retro Robots

Cute Little Retro Robots

Through diligent engineering, even cute technology has been perfected!

20. Robot YMCA

      Robot YMCA

Robots doing the Village People dance? The technological singularity has arrived!

21. The Lonliest Automaton

      The Lonliest Automaton

Who among us can honestly say they've never fallen in love with a toaster?

22. Robutts


Never could there be a technological advancement more marvelous.

23. Ames Bros How Are You

Ames Bros How Are You

One small bend at the waist for man, one great leap toward domination for robotkind.

24. Wind-up Robot Destruction

      Wind-up Robot Destruction

You'd be surprised what today's wind-up toys can do.

25. DON'T PANIC!!!!

      DON'T PANIC!!!!

There's no nervous breakdown like a robot nervous breakdown 'cause a robot nervous breakdown ends pretty badly for everybody.

26. Robot v Human

      Robot v Human

This doesn't end well. For the human.

27. Little Robot

      Little Robot

It's not the size of the robot that counts - it's the ingenuity.

28. The Office Recyclops Dwight Schrute

The Office Recyclops Dwight Schrute

Even The Office had a robot superhero.

29. Remote Controlled

      Remote Controlled

It's like one of those toy race cars! You know, if you could flatten cities with it.

30. Steampunk Robot

      Steampunk Robot

This robot probably needs anger counseling because it's always steamed.

31. Robot Havoc

      Robot Havoc

Death rays come standard.

32. Lead Balloon

      Lead Balloon

Sometimes helium fails us.

33. Dr. Who Robot Exterminate

Dr. Who Robot Exterminate

Doctor Who fans will find this one Dalektable.

34. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

Robot-on-robot violence.

35. Robot Tacos

Robot Tacos

Finally! Taco technology.

36. Star Power Robot

Star Power Robot

We're talking cosmic energy, not fame.

37. Some Assembly Required Robot

Some Assembly Required Robot

Hopefully they didn't accidentally leave any parts at the manufacturing plant.

38. Father & Son Robot

Father & Son Robot

Who wouldn't be proud of siring a bomb?

39. Twenty If by Giant Robot

Twenty If by Giant Robot

This is one revolution the British are squashing!

40. She Doesn't Even Realize

She Doesn't Even Realize

Just because their love is coded in binary doesn't make it any less valid.

41. Diodes are a Girls Best Friend

Diodes are a Girls Best Friend

It's true what they say - girls love robots.

42. Duke of the Moon

Duke of the Moon

Bow down before moon royalty!

43. Robot Propaganda

Robot Propaganda

They've got a Daft Punk anthem.

44. Theory of Evolution Robot Evolution

Theory of Evolution Robot Evolution

Notice the part where the humans are replaced. It's okay - robots are better.

45. Robot Army

Robot Army

Life isn't fair.

46. Short Robot

Short Robot

Have you ever wanted to move light objects small distances? Have we got a robot for you!

47. hot wheeling robot love Tee

hot wheeling robot love Tee

This robot likes its wheels big - just like its capacity for affection!

48. New World Order

New World Order

When you're this big, you've got to strut.

49. Ames Bros Man-Bot

Ames Bros Man-Bot

More than some mere Boy-Bot.

50. RoboCup


Keeping your coffee hot WITH A VENGEANCE!

51. Alien Assault

Alien Assault

When the aliens come, are the robots on our side?

52. Robot *Blue*

Robot *Blue*

This one impersonates astronauts as a hobby. It usually works.

53. robots need love too

robots need love too

It's in their programming.

54. Lonely Robot Dirty Mind

Lonely Robot Dirty Mind

It's all nuts and bolts with these bots.