Algebraic Adventure Time T-Shirts

What time is it!?

It's Adventure Time! This surreal cartoon series has taken television by storm since its premiere the other year, following the massive cult success of the original internet short.

The fact that a whole series this funny can come from an internet sensation says what I've always said - the internet has the best taste.

Put on your funny hats, grab your swords and stretchy dogs, and get ready to battle that Ice King! It's time to join Jake the Dog and Finn the Human! It's Adventure Time tee time!

1. Algebraic


If only we all had these kinds of spaghetti limbs.

2. Faces Of Finn

Faces Of Finn

Finn's face. It may look simple on the surface, but all of a sudden, you 'real' humans suddenly don't look so expressive now, do you!?

3. Adventure Time

Adventure Time

Onward! To the times of adventure! Maybe there'll be dungeons with monsters to fight.

4. Spooky Forest

Spooky Forest

Looks like some prime adventure to me!

5. Special


This realistic Finn, Jake, and Lumpy Space Princess image is totally one for your fanfic. You've just gotta work Fionna and Cake in there somewhere too.

6. Adventure Wars

Adventure Wars

It's Adventure Wars time! With Chewbacca the Wookiee and Han the Human!

7. Lump Off

Lump Off

What the glob were you thinking pissing off Lumpy Space Princess?

8. Many OFWGKTA faces of Finn

Many OFWGKTA faces of Finn

There truly isn't a single thing that OFWGKTA has yet to invade.

9. Beemo, turn the music down!

Beemo, turn the music down!

BMO's part music player, part video game console, and all swag. Adventure technology is strange, dude.

10. Adventure Time

Adventure Time

These bros are ready to go!