Adorable Hello Kitty Tees

Hey, it's that cat!

Who isn't familiar with Hello Kitty these days? Imported from Japan in the '70s and produced by Sanrio, you'd be hard-pressed to find something Hello Kitty hasn't appeared on yet.

So widespread is Hello Kitty's reach, she's even recognized as UNICEF's Special Friend of Children. Not even poor Domo-kun can say that.

Whether you're looking for something warm and fuzzy or a little more geeky as an adult, we have Hello Kitty tees awaiting your perusal!

1. I Love Wizards

I Love Wizards

Wingardium Kittiosa!

2. Don't Tease My Fro

Don't Tease My Fro

Your long-held suspicions were correct - everything's more wonderful with an afro.

3. Hello Kitty Equalizer

Hello Kitty Equalizer

When you say "This is my jam!" with Hello Kitty, sometimes it isn't about toast enhancers.

4. Hello Cthulhu

Hello Cthulhu

More like Cutethulhu, am I right?

5. Pink Bow Hello Kitty

Pink Bow Hello Kitty

Odds are, some of you Kitty fans might think pink.

6. Steampunk Kitty

Steampunk Kitty

Remember when you used to think Hello Kitty lived on a steam-powered zeppelin for about thirty years? Turns out you were thinking of a shirt the whole time!

7. Boo! Can't Be Barricaded

Boo! Can't Be Barricaded

Ask not for whom the cute comes - she comes for you.

8. I Dunno LOL

I Dunno LOL

On the internet, she's known as Felis Lolcatus.

9. Franken-Kitty


Look at it this way - in a sense, those other cute cartoon cats now live on as part of her!

10. HelloCats!


HelloCats are loose! On your shirt, that is.