Action-Packed Anime T-Shirts

Whether you got into anime through Saturday morning cartoons, the Sci-Fi Channel's Saturday Anime, Toonami, Adult Swim, or something else entirely, if there's one common element uniting anime fandom for decades, it's a love of some kick-ass action.

Lucky for you otaku-types, we've got all the anime ass-kicking you could hope for right here - wearable, no less! (I mean, this is a t-shirt site, after all.)

1. Shonen Jump One Piece Framed Group

Shonen Jump One Piece Framed Group

The Straw Hat pirates are on the cruise. Cruisin' for a bruisin', specifically.

2. Naruto Sasuke Shippuden Battle Frames

Naruto Sasuke Shippuden Battle Frames

The panels on this Naruto Shippuden tee have me thinking that maybe Naruto and Sasuke aren't too fond of each other.

3. Dragon Ball Z Fight

Dragon Ball Z Fight

Dragon Ball is pretty much your anime home for fisticuffs and fireballs. Weird aliens, too.

4. Badge Hollow Symbol

Badge Hollow Symbol

This Hollow symbol would make for one chilling gang tag. What with the Hollows actually being monsters and everything.

5. Flying Vegeta Charge

Flying Vegeta Charge

As every Dragon Ball Z fans knows, making Vegeta mad is generally something to be avoided.

6. BLEACH Ichigo Hollow

BLEACH Ichigo Hollow

Ichigo's here to reap some souls. Hope you're not a Hollow.

7. Ichigo Hollow Self

Ichigo Hollow Self

I'm pretty sure Ichigo might've stepped over a line here.

8. Orochimaru


Orochimaru looks pretty ready to star in a '50s horror movie with this expression and font.

9. Power Will Be Mine

Power Will Be Mine

Those creepy Hollow faces are a pretty unmistakable "THIS IS A BAD GUY" label. Just an FYI.

10. Naruto Kakashi Logo

Naruto Kakashi Logo

I believe the correct term for every special move in Naruto is Badass no Jutsu.

11. Super Saiyan Vegeta

Super Saiyan Vegeta

Going Super Saiyan is a pretty super sayin'. (Not apologizing for this one.)

12. Ichigo Versus Renji

Ichigo Versus Renji

Super-powered swordplay in the Soul Society. Try saying that five times fast.

13. Gaara Triangle Hands

Gaara Triangle Hands

This pose pretty much means bad things involving lots of sand are about to happen to you.

14. Buu


That Majin Buu is a pretty nasty character for someone who successfully turned the entire human race into candy.